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Axie Infinity in the recent times have become an extremely popular game that is played by many game enthusiasts across the world. This is a unique crypto based game that gives the player a lot of opportunities to earn money. And that is like a dream come true for most online gamers.

But often crypto, blockchain and everything related to it often seems too confusing. In this piece, we will help you with everything that you might want to know about this game along with some of its basics and how to get started with the Axie Infinity crypto game.

Let us begin by knowing a little more about this game.

axie infinity
axie infinity

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum based game that was made by SkyMavis. This game is inspired by the very popular game Pokemon. This wonderful game is set up in virtual world known as Lunacia. It is here where the players need to breed, raise, battle, and trade Axies which is a name given some fantasy creatures.

This game is a legit NFT game that is now growing in its popularity owing to the immense earning potential it has. This game revolves around breeding, collecting, and increasing your Axie community. As you get started you will gradually come to know more about the gameplay mechanics and how this game actually works or how you can earn money while you start playing.

Before we look into the game play and how to get started with this game in a little more detail let us talk about NFT games for a while.

What are NFT Games?

NFT is the short form for Non Fungible Token and an NFT is nothing but an object of the real world that is represented digitally in the form of a token. Games are actually a simulation of events of the real world and as such all the objects and characters can be represented by NFT’s. Now this concept of NFT is used to collect items of value and people earn money by selling or trading these NFT’s that represent objects and characters of the game.

These NFT’s are also known as blockchain assets and often these are more expensive than certain real world stuff. The NFT games as such are often also referred to the play-to-earn games.

Now that we know what Axie Infinity and NFT games look like, let us see how you can get started with playing the Axie Infinity game.

Getting Started in Axie Infinity

It will be easier to understand the process in the form of logical steps. Below are the steps to get started with the game:

Step 1: Create an Ethereum Wallet

The first step is to create an Ethereum Wallet using one of the best crypto Wallet Gateway providers – Metamask . The Metamask wallet is available for both mobile and desktop. So based on your convenience you can create one. This Wallet lets you store and send cypto tokens and interact with the blockchain apps directly. While you are playing Axie Infinity, the tokens and in-game objects and items get stores in your Metamask wallet.

To create the Wallet:

1.Go to

2. Select on the Download Option and Select the Platform. (Chrome, iOS, Android)

3. Follow the steps that follow to complete installation.

Step 2: Create another Wallet with Ronin

Along with the Ethereum Wallet, a Ronin Wallet would also be needed. This wallet would be used when you need to store assets like Cryptocurrency tokens and other in-game items directly on the Ronin Blockchain.

This Blockchain is a parallel blockchain solution for Ethereum that is designed by the SkyMavis team that designed the Axie Infinity game. The idea of this Wallet is to overcome the congestion on the Ethereum network so that players can enjoy seamless and fast transaction without paying too much gas fees. Players get up to 100 free transactions per player per day.

To activate the Ronin Wallet you can simply go to the website and which are easy to follow self explanatory instructions that you can complete without any difficulty.

Step 3: Create your Axie Account

Now that your Wallets are set up it is time to set up your Axie Infinity Account. Simply go to Axie Marketplace and login using your Ronin Wallet credentials to create your Axie account. Complete the set up by adding an email address and a password to the account.

You will be asked to verify your email. After you verify your email you can then connect your Axie Account to your Metamask Wallet by Clicking on Account Settings > Attach Metamask. Once done your Axie Infinity account is ready but not yet for gameplay.

To start playing you will need to put in some investment to buy your Axies which you can see in the next steps.

Step 4: Initial investment – Buy your first Axies.

To get started and to begin your exciting Axie journey you will need to buy 3 Axies. You can buy the Axies using the marketplace from other players. The price of 1 Axie comes to around 0.15 ETH that is $285. The price has recently increased owing to the increasing popularity of the game.

So an initial investment of around $900 would be needed to start playing the game. Alternatively you can enrol in Axie Infinity Scholarship programmes where the owners end their Axies in lieu of the SLP earnings that is after you have already made your initial purchases.

You can purchase Axies using your Ronin Wallet by depositing ETH into it.

Step 5: Download the game and Play

Now that you are all ready with your Axies and Wallets you can now download the game from the Axie Infinity Website. Once done you can venture into the exciting world of Lunacia and start youe exciting journey. Some terms you need to know during the game play:

Breeding Guide in Axie Infinity

In Axie Infinity you can breed two Axies to get a new offspring. Which means you can start breeding with two Axies that you purchase. The offspring comes as an Egg that becomes an adult after 5 days. You can either choose to continue breeding and increase your Axies, or you can simply battle, sell your Axies to other players.

Cards –

In the Axie Infinity World there are about 132 cards that are divided across 6 different classes : Aqua, Bird, Plant, Beast, Reptile, and Bug which is further sub-divided by body parts such as – Mouth, Back, Horn, Tail or by costs and range. To explore and buy the full range of cards visit

Smooth love potion or SLP’s –

One pretty common game play term that you will use is the SLP or the Smooth Love Potion. Now this is like the energy levels that you will need to be alive in the game. You can earn SLP’s simply by completing the bare minimum in the game or completing daily challenges in the game.

Players also battle in the arena or the adventure mode to earn the AXS or the Axie Infinity Shards which can then be used to breed and raise your Axies and can be used for trading later on as well.

To explore more follow this comprehensive guide to get started with this exciting game right away.

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