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Bitlife Page 1

Bitlife is an text based life simulator. You can create a lot of characters, choose the country you are born in, choose the way you live and earn ribbons and rewards. Be an actor, mechanic, baggage handler, bartender, beekeeper, bouncer, bus driver, butcher, cashier, actor … the list is endless. There are hundreds of jobs, tasks and ribbons to collect. We tell you everything about Generations, Bitizenship, Diseases, Karma, Education, Nations, Jobs , Ribbons. There currently are 40 ribbons even though the game began with 21 ribbons such as: AcademicFertile, TarzanGold DiggerMonopolyMovie BuffBarbie GirlVeteran, and Influencer, HeroLazyLoadedLustfulMediocreRichScandalousUnlucky, and Wasteful