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Roblox, a game platform where anyone can create games and let other players join appeared in 2006. The game even though it was not marketed in the beginning it started to be a massive hit in 2010 and again in 2020 due to the Covid Pandemic.

The game is free to play but as all recent games have, it has it’s own virtual currency called Robux. With over 170 million players world wide it is played by more than half of all childrens under 15 years old. The game is valued at 30 billion dollars.

With a wide variety of games, there are a few games that are really popular with millions of players each month. Among the top games in Roblox are: Adopt me! a game build to convince people in real life to adopt people and the game is no different. In the game you have to care for more pets that can also be traded. The game was played over eleven billion times with over 500,000 concurent players, making it the most popular game on Roblox. Some pets started trading for real money.

Jailbreak is another massive hit in roblox. As the title says it you get to choose to be a cop or a thief that has to escape the prison. There’s also MeepCity a massive simulator with roleplaying where you can customize pets called Meeps. Murder Mystery 2, where you have to find the killer every round. Take care, only the sherrif can kill the murderer. You just need to live enough. Natural Disaster Survival where you have to survive different natural disasters. Then there’s Piggy, a horror game combining Peppa Pig and Granny with zombies. Other games that need to be mentioned are : Bloxburg and Work at a pizza place,


roblox hair codes

Roblox hair codes

Roblox has gained traction over the years as the internet, and video games gained popularity, especially online games using…