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Pet Master Guide. Pet Master is Moon Active’s newest slot machine, after Coin Master. Moon Active, the Israeli game production studio that debuted Coin Master 11 years ago, albeit the game developed into its present form in 2015, has created Pet Master, a new mobile game. The game’s title implies that Pet Master is a more modern Coin Master clone. However, the game principles remain mostly the same, with a few minor tweaks and upgrades, and spend most of your time spinning the game’s lost machine. As with its predecessor, the objective is to level up and go to the next village by upgrading all town’s structures and pets in this instance to their maximum level. Naturally, the game follows the same structure as Coin Master, mixing micro-transactions with gambling.

Pet Master is a casual game similar to Coin Master or Piggy Go. However, you get to design your animal towns and level them to their maximum potential in this scenario. Meanwhile, you get to assault settlements owned by other actual gamers. It’s all about the gameplay, a mashup of slot machines, and Russian Roulette. It is how you will get funds to invest in your community and decide when the moment is right to attack your neighbors.

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Pet Master Guide - How to play
Pet Master – How to play

How to play Pet Master, the definitive Guide

Pet Master provides an enjoyable gaming experience. It enables you to visit nearby islands, enhance your own house, and complete various tasks handed to you by chance. You may gain gold, but you also have the option of attacking and destroying locations on the adjacent island. It’s entirely dependent on the slots.

The majority of the game’s mechanics are the same, with the primary alterations being the slot machine’s various symbols and a few additional features. So naturally, Pet Master is centered on playing the slot machine and gaining cash, spins, dice, and card chests.

You then utilize the Pet Master money you’ve earned to develop and renovate your village’s structures and pet people until all four attain a 5-star rating, enabling you to level up and go on to the next town.

As such, this guide contains Pet Master Suggestions that will help you improve your village-building experience. Pet Master is a straightforward game, but a few things to consider. Keep reading through the Pet Master Guide to find out more.

Primary Goals and Actions:

Pet Master’s fundamental/primary actions and goals are relatively straightforward:

• Coins won from the Slot Machine.

• Attacking the settlements of other players.

• Raids against the settlements of opposing players.

• Dice rolling on the board.

The first three steps are initiated solely by using the slot machine. The second and third variations emphasize the game’s social component since you may compete against your Facebook friends and take their cash.

This competitive aspect of Pet Master compels players to spend considerable time at the slot machine and attack other players to reach the next village quicker and increase their social standing.

The fourth action is new. At first, you may roll the dice by collecting three dice tokens in the slot machine’s center row, but at level 4, you unlock the board, allowing you to roll the dice whenever you choose

Slot Machine with Three Reels

Spins are the lifeblood of this game, serving as your “energy.” As with Coin Master, Pet Master produces five free spins every hour, up to a maximum of 50. Your main activity on Pet Master will be to spin the slot machine, and you will spend your time at the slot machine screen.

You may use your spins to spin the slot machine, and you can even do super spins by spending more spins (3x, 5x, 10x, up to 80x).

The following symbols appear in the slot machine’s slots:

• A Coins bag

• A Missile/Rocket

• Three Missiles/Rockets

• A Raccoon robber

• A Shield/Protection

• An Energy potion

• A Coin

A Coins Bag – Reward

This symbol awards coins. You do not have to obtain three in a row to gain a prize; scoring two or three bags in the center row, the slot machine earns you additional coins.

Missile – Violence

If you get a complete middle row of Rockets, you will fire a missile towards another player’s base, damaging one of their structures or pets. A vengeance system also allows you to attack gamers who have attacked you in the past.

Mega Attack – Thee Rockets/Missile

Mega Strike: Obtaining three 3-missile symbols in a row enables you to unleash a triple missile attack on an enemy town, improving your chances of bypassing their shields.

By acquiring three guards in the middle row, you earn three defenses against opposing assaults, ensuring that you do not lose any coins if you are assaulted. The original maximum shield limit is three, but it will very certainly expand to five in the future, similar to Coin Master. Keep reading through the Pet Master Guide to find out more.

The Raccoon Bandit – Attack

This time instead of a Pig Bandit token, we got a Raccoon Bandit token. If you get three of them in succession, you may initiate a raid against the current Pet Master, whose identity can be determined at the top of the slot machine.

The change with Coin Master raids is that you now have one chance to unlock one of three vaults instead of digging three holes. Unfortunately, only one of the three vaults seems to hold wealth; therefore, it remains to be seen if there is a pet that will assist you in increasing your odds of entering the correct vault.

Shield – Protection

The Shield is used to defend your base from common enemy assaults, not from raids, though. At first, you may equip up to three Shields, which will protect you from three strikes or one mega attack. As you go through the stages, you will get the ability to carry more shields. Pet Master’s current maximum number of securities is five, similar to Coin Master, but I’m not sure when you’ll reach that limit.

When an adversary hits one of your buildings, you will lose a shield rather than cash, and your building’s star rating will remain intact. When you assault a player with a Shield, the same restrictions apply, and you will be unable to harm their structures.

Betting – Gambling

Betting enables you to employ many spins on a single roll, doubling the action prizes generated by the spin. It is critical since betting itself does not amplify the activity. For example, if you wager x10 and win a Mega Attack, you will not launch 30 missiles at your opponent. Instead, you continue to fire three shots, but the number of coins you earn is doubled by ten.

The same holds for raids. A decent technique is to begin betting after opening at least one empty safe during an assault, giving you a 50-50 chance of stealing wealth at the next one. If there is just one remaining safe, it is a good idea to wager several spins if the opposing Pet Master has an extensive coin collection.

Revenge – Vengeance

The Revenge mechanism enables you to react and counterstrike against a player who has assaulted your town successfully. If you get a whole row of missiles in the Slot Machine, the game will send you to the Attack screen and then to a randomly selected Village.

While there and before striking, a “Revenge” option is available at the top of the screen. After selecting this option, the game will display a list of all players who have recently attacked you. Choose one, and the game will transport you to the town of that person to repay the favor.


Each player accumulates numerous stars during the game, which are used to track progress and rank players on leaderboards. This collection will increase as you go through each level, accumulating more and more Stars along the way!

Stars may be obtained by collecting new cards and constructing village goods. Each time you gather a new card, the number of Stars that appear above the card’s name will quickly shine your way, and improving your village objects is sure to add another fortunate Star to your collection. Keep reading through the Pet Master Guide to find out more.

When another player successfully assaults your town and damages one of your village objects, you lose a star. Fortunately, Star will return to you as soon as the item is fixed and working correctly. Therefore, strive for those Stars by collecting new cards and improving your community. You’ll quickly be stargazing!

Upgrade prices of pets’ villages

Players will need to spin daily for coins to improve their hamlets in the game. In addition, the creators constantly introduce new settlements to the game to keep players involved. You’ll need money to finish building a community. Unfortunately, the cost of living continues to rise with each passing town. However, during the Village Mania competition, you may lessen the price of a village by creating village objects.

If you’re wondering how many coins you’ll need to upgrade each town to the next level, we’ve compiled a thorough village cost list for Pet Master. Please bear in mind that village prices may fluctuate over time. Village names are on the pets’ names, the inhabitants of that particular village in the pet master.Expenses/costs of some villages are below;

Cheats for Pet Master

Once Pet Master free spins hack/cheat 2021 players upgrade to the next level, they unlock the next level, and so on. You may also assault other players’ dogs to steal their coins as part of the game’s social component. Players may also collect cards and maintain pets for additional incentives to keep the game moving ahead. The Pet Master free coins hack has been intelligently built to unlock new pet villages so that gamers may play slot machines again until new pet villages are opened—all with various themes. Keep reading through the Pet Master Guide to find out more.

Numerous Card Types

Pet Master has three distinct cards that comprise the various sets and albums.

1- Common Cards

The common cards, marked by their white border, are the most accessible and comprise any card set. These cards may be discovered in every chest throughout the game and can be freely swapped with friends to assist with group completion.

2- Gold Cards

Gold cards are distinguished by their gold borders and are far more uncommon than common cards. These cards are more often discovered in Owl and Lion chests. Gold Cards are exchangeable, but only during special events.

3- Royal Cards

Royal cards are the most uncommon of all kinds and may be obtained exclusively in royal chests and as prizes for specific events. These are recognizable by the royal badge situated on the card’s upper left corner. Keep reading through the Pet Master Guide to find out more.

2021 Pet Master Tips & Tricks

I. Utilize Your Coins Immediately Rather Than Stacking Them

You are vulnerable to a raid that might wipe away a large portion of your money since shields do not protect you from strikes.

As a result, always spend Coins whenever you can afford it. Of course, you still risk someone assaulting your town and destroying your structures, but at the very least, you can protect yourself.

II. Raid Plan

A large number of Spins at your disposal may be worthwhile to increase your wager and take advantage of the doubled spin bonus.

However, you have to store your Spins for Raiding when the Pet Master at the top of the slot is a player with a sizable coin collection. However, take in mind that you only have a 35% chance of locating the proper safety.

III. Purchased chests in each village to complete collections of cards and albums

Individual cards do not provide any further benefits, but collecting a Card Collection does.

When entering a new Village, you should always acquire as many Chests as you can afford without spending any actual money.

You’ll want to finish the low-level collection while you’re still at a low level since it becomes more difficult later in the game when chests contain higher-level cards.

IV. Initial List of Event

Play in the initial list of a new event with a minimum bet of 10,000 to maximize your gains.

V. Pet Master Facebook Page

You may get daily spins if you use an app or the Pet Master Facebook page.

VI. Double-Check your ID

Before the new event begins, double-check your ID one last time to avoid being placed on the second list.

VII. Maintain a Group

Maintain 12-15 persons with a combined total of more than 200 billion in coinage.

VIII. Magical Chest

Every event has a magical chest open for 15-20B coins. You’ll feel the benefits in your chest.

IX. Mark Off Round

Make sure you mark off one round at a time. Your performance will improve, and your concentration will increase as a result.

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