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Let’s start this Pirate Kings Guide. With a huge portfolio of engaging games, Jelly Button does it again with the launch of their new game called Pirate Kings that reached 70 million players world wide. With such a success and featuring an amazing gameplay and multiplayer you can attack and steal from friends or enemies in a pirate world game.

The game that features unique gameplay, creates addiction by using the game mechanics of Coin Master , the simplicity and the social media engagement it creates, Pirate Kings is nothing less than a successful game !

Pirate Kings Guide
Pirate Kings Guide Tutorial

In Pirate Kings you are a pirate that starts with an island and ship, with the goal to upgrade your island, develop and gather spins and reach new islands. The winner will be crowded as Pirate Cash King so be careful to invest successfully. But take care, storing to much gold on your island makes it a perfect target for other pirates who might attack it. The best part is that you can take vengeance and attack the attacker.

Pirate Kings game Objective is to make collect all the Islands and Pirates ! Featuring a dozen of Pirates and over 70 islands you can imagine that you need incredible amounts of gold coins to do just that. Using the Spinning Wheel you earn the spins, attacks and coins needed to progress and unlock new islands, attack other pirates and make your way into this Pirate World Realm.

Even if the game revolves around the lucky wheel, there are still a lot of strategies and tips in order to become a great player. One of the strategies involves gathering the much needed Free Pirate Kings Spins but we tried and create the most comprehensive guide on Pirate Kings with secret tactics and strategies to dominate the pirate kingdom.

The spins offer you Gold Coins, Attack Turns ( attack other players islands ), more free spins, Steal chance – Choose an island to find the Cash King and get the maximum reward.

1. Upgrade your islands quickly !

When you first begin the game, it will be easy to get gold to upgrade your island. Don’t hoard them but use them to quickly upgrade your island. Once you finish the upgrades quickly make your way on a new island. Use our Free Pirate Kings Spins to help you advance quicker.

When you receive shields activate them to defend your island from enemy attacks but most importantly spend the cash to avoid being robbed of huge amounts of gold.

Pirate Kings Guide Islands Costs

2. Unlock as many islands as you can

In Pirate Kings you can progress really fast and it’s really important to unlock and conquer islands as fast as possible to be declared the pirate king.

There are rare islands available that are not easily discoverable. So you need to explore and collect a lot of items. Items offer different effects and skills.

3. Dose your Spins and use them when you should

Free Pirate Kings Spins on the Lucky Wheel
Pirate King Pirate Lucky Wheel

When you reach 50 spins and store them you cannot earn more spins. So it’s best to use the spins before leaving the game. When you leave the game you earn 5 spins per hours so you don’t want to waste them.

The same goes for shields. Having more than 3 shields at a time is not possible so you might lose it. The gold share’s the same principle. If you earn to much gold and you have nothing to spend it on you will be giving free gold to your attackers.

In short upgrade immediately after the spins and use the spins after you plan your next upgrade. If your next upgrade costs you 2 million gold coins with only 5 spins left you most probably won’t be able to get the rest of the money in place , so save your spins until you reach 50 spins for a better chance to gather enough gold for your upgrade.

4. Upgrade an island after getting a new one

You should upgrade your island before moving to another one in order to earn money from both. It’s a bit difficult to reach the second island but it helps a lot if you upgrade one to the fullest and then carry one.

You can then hire pirate crews for an island to increase the free rewards. Always upgrade an island ! Make it a priority.

5. Carefully choose who to attack

When the lucky wheel gives you the option to attack you will have a lot of targets to choose from. To increase the chance of grabbing a lot of gold, choose the islands that are burning. If they don’t have a shield you can get up to 300.000 rewards. You can also choose to take revenge ! Sometime it feels good.

With a bit of luck you can attack a higher level player. Even if they are a higher level than you, given that they still only have 3 shields so you have a chance of grabbing a lot of money if you attack them when their shields are deactivated.

6. Take care of steal attempts

Stealing is better than the attack. So considering this try and make the best of it. It can earn you a maximum of 300,000 coins as a reward. You can plan your steal on the Cash King, the player with the most gold coins around the islands.

Attacks and steals are actually two of the best choices you can land on when spinning the lucky . Pay attention to the fact that the game asks you to guess the shape of the enemy island. If you have attacked him in the past you should know this, ensuring a succesfull steal with a high profit !

7. Watch in game ads

I know, you kind of hate it but you also know that it’s a good way to earn more rewards like spins and gold coins. So it’s good that you can watch video ads to gain them. You can only view a few ads per day so watch the ads in the strategy part of the game. You don’t want to watch the ads and then close the game.

The game also offer rewards for achieving different levels or finishing some missions. On the bottle icon there should be a list of offers that can help you earn a few hundreds spins.

8. Do Pirate Quests

In the Pirate Quests menu you can accomplish some in game missions for extra rewards. The rewards are given as you progress through the game without the need for you to do anything else. But you can check the list to focus on a certain task and play according to that task to complete it earlier. Check the list to ensure that you completed them.

9. Add Some Friends on Facebook To Earn Gifts

Connecting the game with Facebook allows you to play with your friends, attack them or send gifts. Share your code with them to connect. There are also a few quests that can be completed with your pirate friends. There even is a reward that gives you a shield that you can send to a friend and the friend sends you back to you. In this way you can have 4 shields instead of only 3.

10. Claim your daily bonus

Each day you have a plethora of free bonuses. For every 5 spins at the slot machine you can receive a treasure chest. There are also free spins and coins frequently awarded and much more.

The complete Pirate Kings Island ( Excluding the secret one )

  1. Tropical Coast
  2. Black Fort
  3. Asian Dreams
  4. Winterland
  5. Oasis Wish
  6. Ragna Rocks
  7. Atlantis
  8. Enchanted Forest
  9. Robo Paradise
  10. Din-O-mite
  11. Sweet Tooth
  12. EL Bandido
  13. Sunnyside
  14. Haunted Hill
  15. Japanic
  16. Hidden Temple
  17. Clown Town
  18. Cameloot
  19. Punderland
  20. Skeletown
  21. Olympus Sky
  22. Farm Attack
  23. Papyramids
  24. Surf and Turf
  25. MoonShine
  26. Crocolulu
  27. Zombite
  28. Ogreville
  29. Ice-Lantica
  30. Pirate-Inferno
  31. Bumble Beach
  32. Fish & Ships
  33. Coral Cove
  34. Demolicious
  35. Cash Kong
  36. Olympickings
  37. Fishy Labs
  38. Tree Spirit
  39. Witch Beach
  40. Royal Swamp
  41. Frozen Shores
  42. Micespace
  43. Roller Coast
  44. Inkarnation
  45. Urbunny
  46. Beanstalk Bay
  47. Biker Pier
  48. Lucha Libre
  49. Scottish Spoils
  50. Hollyhook
  51. Samuroach
  52. Bozo Beach
  53. Frost Bites
  54. Bermuda Laguna
  55. Plant Seize
  56. Hell’s Kitten
  57. Cyclopolis
  58. Worm Zone
  59. Hedgehog HQ
  60. Rainbow Riff
  61. Armadillo Outlaw
  62. Dos Bandidos

What are the costs of islands ?

Each island have a different price. Sometimes they are crazy expensive.

Conclusions on Pirate Kings Guide

This was our Pirate Kings Guide ! Some of the tips are common sense while other require some practice in order to uncover. The most important trick is to learn the shape of the enemy island so when he is Cash King you can get the maximum gold of 300.000 coins and don’t forget that this is a game build to play with friends so make sure you gather them and play. Pirate Kings Developed by Jelly Button. Hope you enjoy this Pirate Kings Guide and if you have more hints let us know.

FAQ Pirate Kings

Q: How do I revenge non – mateys
A: Tap the revenge when you get the attack cannon. In the list the attacker will be there ( If it happened no later than 12 hours ago )

Q: How do I spend pirate credits
A: Go to your island and buy upgrades

Q: I bought a piggy bank , broke it but I received no spins or coins
A: They should appear in your “wallet”

Q: I got a green circled arrow. What does it do ?
A: Those are spins to use in the lucky wheel

Q: What are the Blue Stars, what can you do with them?
A: The Blue stars are stars that represent the number of items you build on an island. They cannot be used. You cannot spend them.

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