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We offer Brain Test Level Answers. The now famous puzzle game, Brain Test is a captivating, unique concept style of game that will make you cry if the level is too hard or smile as you use your brain power to pass all the levels and pass the supreme Brain Test. With an easy search system just enter your level number and find the solution inside.

If you are looking for Brain Test Level 1 – 344 Answer just use the search input or browse using the previous – next buttons. But don’t use the site to exploit the game and finish the game without testing your brain intellect !

A game first released in 2018, it has over 344 levels of which the last 80 are new and updated levels that we included in our site for you to use.

If you are find any levels that don’t have the right answer, worry not ! Send us a message and we will help you with it. It’s that simple. Brain Test Level Answers with description, walkthrough, answers, solutions easily explained and simple to recreate in your game. Just follow the instructions step by step to solve that puzzle that you were struggling that got you on the verge of deleting the game. Now you don’t need to delete it ! We can help you.

The game belongs to a series that includes Brain Test 2 and the upcoming yet to be announced Brain Test 3 and we will get all the answers there once the game is released.