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The best games on roblox in 2023

It is no doubt that Roblox has become a big part of everyone’s life today. It provides endless possibilities for everybody in the community. Whether you want to socialize with other players and make friends, or if you just want to play some games for fun, there are plenty of great ones. This is why we compiled a list of the best games on Roblox to play right now.

Roblox features a wide variety of activities, ranging from role-playing games all the way to creating your own game with advanced capabilities. Almost any gamer would be able to find something that they would enjoy on this platform – whether it is an adventure, sports activity, social hangout, or anything else. Unfortunately, not all games live up to expectations; some are poorly designed and made from scratch without any contribution from the community. Thankfully though, it is easy to find good games on Roblox. The following are The best games on Roblox:

1. Murder Mystery 2

This game has become one of the most popular murder mysteries ever made on Roblox. This game is very realistic and has many different twists and turns, making it even more interesting! You can also choose to play as one of five unique characters with a special ability, which gives a nice touch to the game.

2. The Mad Murderer 2: Absolute Evil

In this game, you are an evil character who wants to take over the world by destroying every citizen. Your mission is to cause chaos around the city and eliminate everyone in sight (however, if you want to be good, you can). So far, this game has been received positively by people, and many enjoy playing it.

4. Town of Salem

Town of Salem (or simply ” ToS “) is one of the best strategic games available on Roblox today. This is a very cool social game (there are even non-social versions available if you want to play alone). You can be a good or a bad guy while playing this game. There are many different roles that you can choose from, and each has its unique ability.

5. Murder Mystery 3 (part 1 & part 2)

Murder Mystery 3 is the 3 rd murder mystery game on this list. This game also gets a very high rating, possibly because it’s created by the same developer as Murder Mystery 2. The story took place in a medieval village where everyone had their role to follow, and they all did so without knowing what was going on around them – until something unexpected started happening.

6. The Mad Murderer

In this version of the murder mystery series, you are an angel who was sent to the human world to protect them from an evil force threatening their existence. You can switch between being a good angel or an evil one, and with each choice comes a different set of abilities. The game is very polished, receives a very high rating, and is highly recommended by people who have played it.

7. Run 3 (Run 1 & Run 2 are also fun too!)

This game is basically like the famous “Canabalt”: run endlessly while jumping over obstacles. It has been described as addictive and challenging; there are five levels so far, but more will be added in the future.

8. Mine Blox

This game combines several different concepts: mining, building, and some sort of parkour mechanics. It’s a very cool and well-made game that is fun to play on your own or with friends (there are even co-op levels!).

9. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This is the most famous horror title on Roblox, which you must give a try if you want to see what scares look like in a video game. This game might be slightly scary for younger people because it has gory scenes and jump scares. It received mixed reviews from players, although the majority of them said they had fun playing it.

10. Sky High Heroes

In this game, you are fighting hordes of monsters using awesome weapons such as guns, magic spells, swords, etc. There is also a team mode where you can fight with your friends in order to complete the objective. This game is highly recommended for people who like hack and slash games.

11. Pixel Gun Apocalypse ( Pixel gun 3D )

This is one of the most popular shooting-based games on Roblox and has been played by over 40 million players worldwide. You are equipped with different weapons which you can use to eliminate zombies, monsters, bloodthirsty animals, or even other people that stand in your way! There’s also a team mode called “survival,” in which you play against other online players with similar abilities as yours and try to be among the last ones standing.

12. Jailbreak 2.0

Jailbreak is another very popular game on Roblox. In this, you have to explore different maps and complete many missions. You can play it in different modes/difficulty levels: easy (where mobs are easier to defeat), normal (mobs hit harder but health potions drop more frequently), or hard (this mode is almost impossible).

13. Gold Miner Simulator

Take some time off from all the action games and try out a casual type of game called “Miner.” This title has been played by over 2 million players worldwide. It is pretty simple:

  • Just run around.
  • Avoid obstacles.
  • Collect diamonds and gold.
  • Blast through rocks and sell your loot for money.

If you enjoy this type of game, then there are plenty more like it on Roblox.

14. Ametrine

This game is a mix between a platformer and a puzzle game. You play as someone who are trapped in an underground labyrinth which he needs to escape. The diamonds you collect are used to open the exit door, which means you should try to acquire as many of them as possible before time runs out! There are two different modes available: endless (where you can roam freely through the maze) and adventure (where players must complete several levels).

15. Craft of War

This one is for all the strategy lovers – or anyone who likes games with a medieval setting. It’s very fun but difficult at times, so getting into this game might not be so easy. However, if you love challenges, then Craft of War will be a great choice for you.

16. Town of Robloxia (a.k.a TOWN OF ROBLOXIANS)

This is the most popular role-playing game on Roblox and has been played by almost 2 million players worldwide (yes, it’s that huge). You are one of the citizens living in a small town called “Robloxia,” which is inhabited by innocent people who have no idea that evil lurks nearby. If you choose to play as an officer, your job will be to watch over the safety of civilians and investigate any crime reports; remember to use your detective skills in order to catch the criminals and bring them to justice. If you choose to play as a criminal, your aim is to kill everyone in town using guns or any other weapons that you can find in order to get access to different maps.

17 . Last Man Standing (LMS)

This is another last man-standing title but this time, there’s an important twist: only 1 person wins once the clock runs out, so you should try your best in order not be killed by others. Depending on the mode, players who are killed may either respawn or be eliminated from the game (in other words, they won’t return to the battle). Over 1 million players have played the current map, and it’s 5 years old.

18. Paintball

For those of you who don’t know paintball, it’s a sport in which two groups compete against each other using markers that shoot round gelatin capsules filled with paint; these shots are used to tag opposing members so they can be identified later. However, keep in mind that although paintballs do not hurt very much – if you get hit, then you will be wetted/splashed with paint, and your clothes might be stained.

19. Assassin! (HUNT)

This is a great assassination game that has been played by over a million players worldwide. You can either choose to work as the assassin or as the target who needs to stay alive until time runs out. One of the things that I like about this title is that it gives you freedom – you do not have to kill/be killed within an assigned order; instead you can decide when to attack the target even though there may be consequences for killing someone too early. Each map contains various traps: such as lava pools, exploding mines, etc., so make sure you avoid them at all costs.

20. Knight Life

This one is more similar to the Last Man Standing because it’s all about survival rather than simply killing other players. Each player has a sword which they can use to attack their enemies, but the distance between you and your enemy also matters: if there is no space in between, then you will not be able to hit them (but they will still be able to reach you with their weapon). This game combines elements from both solo plays as well as team modes, and there are various maps available, so this game provides lots of action.

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