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If you love card games, you need to know about MTG. The full name of the game is Magic: the gathering arena. It is one of the best card collection games on the internet. Wizards of the Coast are the developer of this game. The game is developed using Unity. It is one of the most advanced game development platforms. When you play this game, you need to collect high-level cards. You can save a lot of time and effort if you have mtg arena codes. When the game was released in 2017, it was easy to find the codes. In 2022, you cannot get the codes with ease. We have compiled a detailed guide to help you get the mtg codes in 2022. To find the codes and redeem them, you need to understand how the game works.

How Magic: The Gathering Works

There are three playing modes in the game. You can start with the Limited Mode. In this mode, two players can play the game. There are 40 cards to play in each game. The time of the game is also limited to 25 minutes. Constructed mode is the second level in the game. You can play this mode with two players as each deck can have 60 cards in this mode. The duration of the game is the same as the limited mode. The final mode is the commander mode. You can play with more than three players in this mode. The time duration of the game is 50 minutes. It is double the previous game modes. The decks can have 100 cards in the commander mode. The cards can have five colors. Each color represents a power. You can play with a combination of all the five colors to get endless playing possibilities. Once your deck is ready, you can plan offline with the person sitting next to you or play online. Once the battlefield is ready, you can play with your cards and check who is the most powerful card collector.

Why you need MTG arena codes

There are many aspects of the game that require you to play for days or spend money to get some items. The game producers give special cards sometimes. It is only possible to get these limited cards with the promo codes. There are some cosmetic collectibles also. You can increase the aesthetics of your card and your deck when you use the game cosmetics. These items will not help you on the battlefield. It is still cool to have these with you. You can get respect from your friends when you have something that no one else has. Some codes can change the style of your cards. The promo codes are not limited to cosmetic updates. Some promo codes can unlock a deck full of cards. It can take your game to a new level.

Where to get the codes

It is one of the hard questions for the MTG arena. You can start by checking the websites that offer free codes for the games. MTG Arena is a famous game. You will find many websites offering these codes free of cost. Most of these websites have old codes. It is better to keep checking the websites to get the codes before they expire. The second way is to check the game owner’s social media pages. They occasionally release some codes for a limited time. If you can collect and redeem these codes in time, you will get all the benefits. You can also pay some people o get the game codes. Some websites have a record of providing game codes. It is crucial to be sure that you are getting the right deal. If you do not trust the website, it is better to avoid buying the codes from third-party websites. You can buy the codes from the game also.

How to redeem the codes

We can divide the code redemption process into four steps. If you follow all the steps, you will get all the products associated with the codes. It is also crucial to know that you cannot redeem the codes from mobile platforms. Android and iOS will not allow you to redeem the codes. You need to go to the desktop version of the game to get the codes.

In the first step, you need to collect the codes and find the redeem area. We have informed the ways to find the codes earlier in this article. Once the codes are ready, you can go to the redeem area. You can go to this section by clicking the game menu using the top bar.

After you click the top bar a new section will appear in the game. You need to go inside the game store. The game store is a section to buy the codes in the MTG. You can redeem the codes in the same section also.

A new button will appear in the store to redeem codes. You can click the redeem code to go to the area to enter the codes.

It is not possible to use the codes twice for the same account. The code is also case-sensitive. You can copy the code from your computer and paste it into the code section of the redeem tab. Some websites do not allow you to copy the codes to paste them on the other sites. In this case, you may have to type the code by looking at the code on the other screen.

After you check the accuracy of the code, you can press enter on your keyboard to get all the magnificent items associated with the promo codes.


By looking at all the aspects of MTG arena codes, we can conclude that it is not an easy task to find the working codes in 2022. Most codes on the internet are expired. You can get free codes or buy from the official website. Once you have the codes, you can redeem them using your PC. It will take one minute to complete the process.

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