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Brain Out Level 215 Answer. Find the answer to the level that you got stuck in. Just search the level and find the answer. Do you want to know your IQ? Play Brain Out Can you pass it? and as the game title says it show off to your friends that you can pass it and that you are smart! Brain Out is not just another interesting puzzle game, it is a game that features a series of brain teasers that will challenge your thinking. It takes a toll on your logical thinking, reflexes, memory, creativity, and accuracy. The levels will sure trick you and make it a bit difficult for you to pass. But don’t worry. Games Unlocks will give you the answers to any level. If you are not able to pass a level just scroll below to find the Brain Out Level  215 Answer. Just follow the instructions and you are good to go! Not the level you were looking for? Search it here: Brain Out Level Answers ( 1 – 300 ) Updated 2021
Brain Out Level 215 Answer
Level 215
Here’s the solution for Brain Out Level 215 Answer :
Answer: You have to go forward to get the first coin, then reverse back to left and reach the second coin. The third coin is inside his bag; Tap his bag rapidly to get the third one. Then continue your journey forward, jump from the obstacle and get the fourth one. The last one is on top of a cloud, jump on the cloud and get it.
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About Brain Out – Can you pass it?

The game was developed by Focus Apps it’s available on iOS and Android and had a record download of over one hundred million downloads.
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