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Brain Test Level 96 Answer. If you were looking for a solution for that frustrating level you can find here the Answer for all the levels.

Brain Test is a puzzle game that features a lot of brain teasers in an addictive and fun way. With puzzles that follow no common sense, you will surely push your brain in order to pass level by level. Shift your thinking to be able to max out on your IQ, crack the levels and solve the quiz. But if at times you get stuck just scroll below to find the Brain Test Level 96 – I want some mayo Brain Test Answer. The answer describes the actions you need to take to solve the level easily.

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Brain Test Level 96 Answer
Level 96

Here’s the solution for Brain Test Level 96 Answer :

Answer: Put Mayo On The Fries.

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Imagine a game that is downloaded over 100 million times just on Android! Should it be a brain teaser? A mind-bending puzzle game that pushes your brain and makes you think out of the box? We think that yes and this game is called Brain Test. Solve puzzles, solve the quiz and enjoy while you work your brain. This game is a mind-blowing teaser! A tricky brain game without common answers to over 300 levels perfectly design for all ages. A trivia that you can challenge your friends at. Some have called it an impossible quiz but we can promise you can reach the end and you should really enjoy the experience as it offers countless hours of fun and brain exercising with addictive gameplay that can also be played without an internet connection.

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About Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

The game was developed by Unico Studio and with a success of over 100 million downloads, it was only clear that Brain Test 2 was released and coming soon in 2021 Brain Test 3.

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