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Braindom 2 Level 145 Answer. The puzzles from Braindom 2 will bend your mind. This is for sure. It’s an amazing brain puzzle that challenges your assumptions. But sometimes, you might get stuck and this is where we come in handy by providing Braindom 2 Answers for all Levels 1 to 300. Because you can’t always trust your brain !

Scroll below for Braindom 2 Level 145 Answer up to 250. We offer the solution in text, walkthrough with animated gif and sometimes videos of the walktrough so you can easily pass that weird level that you were strugling with.

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Braindom 2 Level 145 Which one is fake Answer
Braindom 2 Level 145 Which one is fake Answer

Here’s the solution for Braindom 2 Who is Lying? Level 145:

Answer: Drag the watering can to each plant, then tap on the clock, now choose C.

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Braindom 2: Who is lying? Brain Games are usually funny and challenging and braindom 2 is no exception. The game hides clues in words, images and the question itself. Games like this are said to promote good mental activity.

Discover the secret clues and beat level after level.

Thinking games have nothing on this challenging, free trivia game for mobile! Brain games and riddles have clues hidden in words, photos, and question itself. IQ games that give your brain exercise and get you thinking outside of the box.

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We try to make sure that all the solutions are working for each level on Braindom 2, so please let us know if any of the levels are wrong or not easy to pass ! We will help you with a new walkthrough !

About Braindom 2 Delete One Part Game

The game was created by Matchingham Games and released in late 2020. A creative brain puzzle that trains your brain to think outside of the box.

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