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How can you prevent not getting attacked ? 

Go into ghost mode to prevent attacks from someone who frequently attacks you and you can’t get revenge.

Why do I attack the same village levels for raids or attacks ? It’s always repetitive 2 – 3 of the same village levels ?

This happens because the person you attack is not upgrading / building his village. Maybe they don’t play that often or they spend their coins on chests. 

Pro Tip :
Store gold and tell your friends to do so. When you raid you will raid for 50 millions and not waste spins.

When I attack someone the village is not there. But they are there but the village land is empty.

This means that they are stacking gold. They are only building when they know they are able to quickly complete the village. 

Who issues Coin Master Spins Links 

The spins you will find on GamesUnlocks always come from the Coin Master game developers MoonActive. You can always check the link to point to Coin Master or Moon Active. These links are harvested from social media and newsletters. This is how we ensure that the links you get are always clean. You could also grab these from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram but you can just visit or subscribe to our website to be sure you are not missing out on the free rewards.

How do you redeem the Free spins ?

All you have to do is click on the buttons. They will automatically open up your game and redeem the coins. 

I get the : “You already received the gift” notice when opening a link.

This happens because we collect links from all the legit places. This means that you might have already received them by email. Just wait for the next links update and that’s it.

How long are the spins links available ?

The free daily Coin Master Spins are available for three days. That means that you will not be able to use them after that. This is why GamesUnlocks will always provide the freshest links.

Is there a free spins generator for Coin Master ?

A lot of people will google for “free spins generator” and similar word combinations. We recommend not to download or install any of these so called generators. So always be aware not to click on anything that looks suspect. There is no such thing as infinite spins, 5000 spins etc.

Is there a hack for spins ?

Some websites will lie that they hacked Coin Master and can provide infinite spins and coins. This is absolutely fake ! Do not follow them, download or install anything. If Moon Active, the creators of Coin Master will detect that you are trying to use anything like this they will permanently ban your account, losing everything from villages to cards.

How many spins can you get in a day ?

Depending on Moon Active you can get from 40 to 140 spins using all the spin links we provide at the beginning of the article. 

What is : Coin master 400 spin link

Be very aware ! The game does not provide this amount of spins ! If anyone promises you 70, 400, 800 , 1000 , 200, 100 or any amount bigger than 30 or 40 run away ! You will be getting hacked or banned. Those are not real links !

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What is Coin master blog or blogspot ?

People are used to search like this because of the initial websites providing the service. On you can find a comprehensive blog with guides, tutorials, tips & tricks, cards lists, vip status and everything there is to know about Coin Master.

What is Rewards Mania ?

Rewards mania is an even that gives you bonus when completing missions. When you do 100 attacks you get spins. This events are rare and available for a limited amount of time so you need to check with the game frequently not to miss it. This is a way for the game to incentivise you to play.

What are other ways to get spins ?

There are a lot of methods to get spins as they are the center of the game. You get 5 spins every hour until you get to 50. This is why you should redeem them every 10 hours. Buying villages, completing sets, opening chests are ways to get more spins each time.

What are events ?

Every once in a while there are events that you can play for spins , chests, coins and cards. Finishing an even will reward you with spins. 

What are coin master teams ?

A new feature that allows people to chat, make new friends and send gifts to each other comprised of spins and cards !

Each team will have a maximum of 50 members and to find a team to join is very simple. Use the search bar and type the name of your team. If not you can just browse the list of all available teams and join one of them.

You should keep in mind that there are two types of teams : Open and Closed. The Open ones allow anyone who meet the requirements join and Closed for those who have to be approved by the team lead. 

You can create your own team if you wish to be a team lead. Just press the rate button and set a name. ( If you are wondering how to change the name of a team in Coin Master, the answer is that you cannot. So make sure to choose the right name ! )

Teams will have ranks based on the total stars members have. Together with your team you can be the Coin Master Team ! 

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