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This article is a Death Park 2 Walkthrough Guide. The game is developed by Euphoria Studios, Death Park 2 is a horror game, the Death Park sequel, in which Lily, your sister is kidnapped by a clown that wants to use her as a bridge between worlds. Your mission is to save your little sister Lily while fighting terrifying monsters, solve difficult puzzles and take a roam through the cursed theme park within Farland City!

Available on Android, iOS, and Steam, sharing the same gameplay, the game features different complexities of your choosing. You can choose between ghost mode, easy, normal, hard, and extreme and for the puzzles, you can go with easy or hard. Pick up guns and kill monsters to save the neighborhood and Lily.

Ghost mode means that you are almost invisible but there will be a lot of interruptions because of the ads.
If you choose Easy, you can unlock different skin for the clowns after you beat it.
Normal difficulty means that monster can easily damage you while the clown can run faster and you don’t receive ammo if you watch ads
Hard means more damage taken, more monsters and a quick clown

Death Park 2 Walkthrough

Normal: Monsters deal more damage per attack and the clown moves faster. You can no longer watch ads to get more ammo.

Hard: Monster count and damage are increased, and the clown moves even faster.

Extreme: Monster count is at its highest, and both the clown and the monsters move very fast.

Death Park 2 Walkthrough

The Death Park 2 game features the following chapters:
Prologue, House, City, Hospital, Cemetary, Sewerage, Military base, Death Park

Death Park 2 Walkthrough Prologue
The game features a few chapters like Prologue, House, City, Hospital, Cemetery, Sewerage, Military base, Death Park

Death Park 2 Prologue Walkthrough

You start the game in the Prologue in your bed and you have to check for your sister in her room. But you might need a gun so before going to her room, go to the parent’s bedroom, go to the safe and enter the pin code found on the photo placed on the end table. You will receive a pistol.

After you get the gun a red ballon will come into the room asking you to touch it. Touching the ballon takes you to the dream realm.

Death Park 2 Walkthrough

In the dream realm you can visit your sister’s room Lily and find out why she is screaming.

Turns out your sister was kidnapped by the clown after trapping her in an endless sleep. You need to return to the real world by going back to your parents room and touching the balloon.

Go to the door in the hallway to access the house.

Death Park 2 House Walkthrough

Death Park 2 Walkthrough

As you can see, the front door is locked. The keys are located in your dad’s office but the door to the office is still locked so you need to travel through the basement. But before going to the basement you need a flashlight that you can find in the kitchen.

The basement door is locked but when you try to open you can see the ballon coming to you. Touch it to enter the dream realm and visit the basement.

Go through the basement and collect pistol ammo and med kits.

The most important thing is to pick up the Wrench on your way upstairs. It will come in use later in the game.

Once you reach your dad’s office you will notice that the door is still locked. Next to the door there is a closet with a vent shaft that takes you directly to the office. Using the Wrench remove the vent cover to access the office.

After entering the office you will see a puzzle on the left wall. Complete it to find the pin code that opens the safe. The game might change the puzzle sequence and grid but rotate the pieces clockwise to find out the correct shape that will reveal the pin code.

After completing the puzzle, there will be the ballon to go back to the real world. In there use the pin code from above to unlock the safe and get the key to the door exit.

You now need to enter the dream realm again and travel through the basement back into the living room and touch the ballon. When you touch the balloon a bunch of other balloons will fill the room while the clown talks to you trying to scare you.

Pop the balloons until you find the correct one. They might be randomized so just take care to pop as much of them before the clown catches you.

As soon as you hit the correct ballon you can exit the main house door and go to the next chapter.

Death Park 2 City Walkthrough

In Farland City, a evacuated city after the monster invasion, you can go to the door in front of your house to read a message.

Then run towards the police car where you will find a city map on the hood and a baseball bat with some ammo.

Look at the map and visit the X spots for some ammo and resources then head to the hospital located on the map.

The city is divided into 3 parts separated by gates. While walking you will encounter monsters. You can shoot them, beat them with the baseball or just go across them. It’s better not to stir them by making noise with your gun.

Head to the hospital entrance where you will find a rifle gun. Pick it up.

Fight off monsters while you look for the HZ-3 Drug. Go through the corridors and go down the hallway to the left, the end room on the left to find the keys to the stairs.

After taking the key use it to unlock the door that heads to the stairs.

Go upstairs , take a left and visit all the rooms to collect bullets for rifle, pistol and shotgun.

Go to the door at the end of the corridor leading to the Main doctor office ( Remember the name written on the sign you will need it later ). When you try to open the door the balloon will appear. Touch it to meet the clown once again.

Runaway from him down the hallway. You will now face a rapid Puzzle Game. While running check the green exists sign that shows a short question like:

The questions come in random order but the questions are :

  • What is the 3rd planet in the solar system?
  • What shape has 5 sides?
  • Which of these words has one/two of the letter “e” or “r”?
  • Is the statement a lie ?
  • Which month has 31 number of days?

First go through the Pentagon ( you might get another shape, just count the sides written on the exit sign )

Then go through the November door.

Then go through the March door, then September door, then Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Saturn , radiotherapy ( left door ), pshychiatry then Exit is here, then Exit – 3 on the left.

Then Exit is Near ( left door ) not the Exit is not near

After answering all the questions correctly, you will get to open the Doctor’s office and touch the ballon that allows you to exist in the dream realm.

In the doctor’s office on his desk, there is a key with a message. Pick up the key and go down to the hotel reception to leave it and visit the cemetery. There is also a safe behind the painting but you have no key yet.

Don’t forget to save game progress.

Death Park 2 Cemetery Walkthrough

Get out of the hospital and look at the map to locate the cemetery and head towards it. The main gate is closed but going to the right side of the cemetary into the alley a secondary door will be there that can be opened using the door recovered from the doctors office.

Look for the doctor’s name on the crosses. The name is different every time so make sure you remember the medics name on the hospital door and look for it written on the graves.

When you find it you will be prompted to find a shovel. Go to the church to find it but once you try to enter the church you will have another encounter with the red balloon taking you once again to the dream realm.

In the realm you will be challenged to find gems : Ruby, Emerald, Saphire and Amber. But take care that each gem has a symbol attached to it or beneath.

Apply the gems to the church door corresponding to each symbol. Once you unlock the church’s door go inside and touch the balloon to return in the real world.

Grab the shovel and the shotgun. The shotgun is awesome as it kills monsters faster than the rifle.

Return to the doctor’s grave and dig it up to pick up the key. Take care. This will awake the monsters. You can kill them or you can outrun them.

Death Park 2 Hospital Part 2 Walkthrough

Using the map go back to the hospital into the head doctor’s office and open the safe using the door recovered from the grave. You will pick up an injection gun and a hospital card key.

On the safe door there is a note saying that there is a dose of HZ-3 in the basement. Go back downstairs and use the elevator ( using the keycard ) to go to the basement and locate the HZ-3 dose found in a storage room that unlocks when you disable the fire alarm.

Take the elevator and go to the end of the hall. Enter the room on the left and press the red button. On the opposing wall you will see 4 switches. Now we could tell you that the sequence to enable the switches can be determined by looking at the wires and the corresponding light flash but the easier way is to brute force. Pull up a switch and if it stays up then lift another one. If the sequence is wrong the first one will drop again so try again and again after you get the right order.

After enabling all the switches go to the hall and lift the fire alarm. This will startle the monsters. Make your way back to the elevator and go to floor 1 to find the refrigerator.

Find the HZ-3 dose in the room next to the room you just left, pick it up and head home. Look at the map to find the directions.

Head down home to use the HZ-3 dose on Lily.
After injecting Lily with the dose the clown will send a message through her and tells you to head down the Death Park. Head back outside the house. When you head towards the park a firetruck will open the entrance to the Death Park.

Head towards the entrance to the Death Park while looking around for loot as there are lot’s of it.

At the entrance there is a Metal Scissor.

When trying to open a door a ballon will start floating. You need to follow it until you reach an oil tank that have caught fire.

To extinguish the fire, take the hose from the back of the firetruck and place it on the fire hydrant next to the firetruck.

After attaching the fire hose to the hydrant, go to the firetruck’s control panel. Press all the buttons until the pressure is just right. If you over do it you need to start over.

The fire will be extinguished and you can continue following the balloon. The balloon will be waiting in a small garden leading to the sewers.

Death Park 2 Sewers – Sewerage Walkthrough

At the entrance of the sewerage on the left you will find a map that you need to take and use to find your way through the sewers.

In the sewers you have to find your way in the military base and the Death Park. When you reach a dead end you will find the red balloon that will once again take you to the dream world.

The Clown will start chasing you in the sewers and you need to run. First step is to take a right and rotate the hand wheel.

You need to open 3 wheels to be able to exit. The third wheel is somewhere on the north and this one closes slowly so you need to hurry once you open the gate or the clown will catch you.

Once you exit the sewer you will reach a console. Pull the lever and press the left side button to fill the room with water and drop the baragge to create a path that helps you get across the room.

If you play the game on easy that’s what you need to do. On hard level you need to close the gate as the water is pouring before filling the left side.

When you cross the water tank you will enter the room with another balloon that will take you out of the dream realm.

Travel back through the sewers to reach the military base and find of monster while grabbing loot until you reach a room with a typewriter and a metal door with a pin code panel.

The code depends on your difficulty of the game.

For easy the code is 79314. For hard mode you need to visit the monitor in the typewriter room and a calendar to figure out the day of the week, check the note next to the typewriter and find the code.

Unlocking the door will take you to the military base.

Death Park 2 Military Base Walkthrough

When you enter the military base you will face a big monster but you can easily kill it and continue the walk down the hall untill you reach three doors. One of the will be unlocked. The rest will open using the switchboard found nearby. Aligning the four switches will let you open a room of your choice.

Open all doors to grab loot and then head towards the Block C where your path leads you.
There you will find the park gate unlock module.

Continue your road to the door that shows a cipher and a mirrored cypher.

The code is 743. Once you enter the room locate the protective tower batteries.

Then head towards upstairs at the yellow metal door and open it to exit the Military Base

Death Park 2 – Death Park Walktrough

Once you got the key head towards the Death Park entrance using the map as a guide. On the door there is a message written.

First thing in the park go to the tickets and grab a ticket to the train ride.

Grab the train ticket.

Walk through the park until you reach the Train Ride Control “room”. Enter the room and press the red button to start the train ride. The train ride will break a fence where you will go through.

Follow the tracks to go through the broken fence.

Go down the alley in the image.

Then go up the stairs where the final part of the game takes place. Once you get up the platform you will find a lever, some gears and a gearbox and once again the balloon.

Up the stairs collect the gears.

The clown will once again appear. He has kidnapped your sister and tied her up on the train tracks and you have 30 seconds to save her or she will be hit by the train.

This is how the gears should be placed in the gear box. Hurry up. There is not much time left.

Once the gears have been placed switch the lever to set the train out of tracks.

Death Park 2 Walkthrough

Once you move the lever, the train will change tracks and go past your sister making the clown run away.

Death Park 2 has four types on endings. As you can see in this ending we did not place the batteries in the antennas to keep monsters out of Farland City.

I hope you enjoyed our Death Park 2 Tutorial on how to finish the game and solve the puzzles.

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