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Roblox has gained traction over the years as the internet, and video games gained popularity, especially online games using the PC. The appeal of Roblox is the customization aspect that allows a player to make their characters appear how they want them to appear to other players. This is why in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about roblox codes for hair.

The most customizable aspect of an avatar in Roblox is the hair and clothes. But hairstyles are so fun to customize, and you can do it completely free. So today, you’re going to learn a few tips in customizing your hair in whatever colour, style, or length you want, and there is an abundance of options for you to choose from.

roblox hair codes
roblox codes for hair

What is the code for hair in Roblox?

There are many ID codes for Roblox hairs, and the 2021 codes can give you so much great hair for your Roblox avatar. But to define what roblox codes for hair are, ID codes are what you have to input into the game to allow your hair to look a certain way.

The ID codes come in numbers and characters unique to each respect, making every hairstyle appear different in the game.

These codes come in promos where they are distributed online for you to discover. Sometimes, they are abundant in events or just given out for free as backlog customization pieces. But regardless, you’ll soon end up with some of these codes as a gift online when Roblox distributes them for anniversary packages or holiday events.

The beauty of hairstyle codes is that there are so many different hairstyles to choose from, and here are the other codes for you that will help you customize your avatar’s hair:

Here is our favourite hair code for Roblox : Hair Code

HairID Code
80S Superstar Hair124753554
8-Bit Action Ponytail542164807
A Real Rockin’ Rolla15469339
Adurite Hair for Beautiful People1191145114
All Hallow’s Hair184742989
All Hallow’s Hawk181644207
Amber Dashing Hair915265038
America’s Sweetheart29952810
Ameri Swoosh265132540
Animazing Hair168167316
Animazing Space Hair564451259
Aqua Dream Hair168167496
Astral Isles Warrior Hair395200315
Auburn Hair14129164
Auburn Hair of Princeton12865386
Auburn Hair with Leopard Headband409739397
Auburn Messy Bun81688919
Auburn Scene Hair62246484
HairID Code
Bacon n’ Eggs Hair600981537
Beautiful Blonde Hair for Beautiful People233615637
Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People17877340
Beautiful Green Hair for Beautiful People226186871
Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People16630147
Beautiful Hair for Beautiful Space People564449640
Beautiful Hair for Purple People17424092
Beautiful Orange Hair for Beautiful People376805560
Beautiful Red Hair for Beautiful People221175027
Bed Hair20372960
Big Crazy Blue Hair323419219
Big Style Brown Hair212961935
Black Action Ponytail1708329071
Black and Blue ‘do74891335
Black and Pink Drama Hair283748528
Black and Red14815761
Black Anime Girl Hair164482468
Black Bob83013245
Black Dashing Hair915265974
Black Faux Hawk81708953
Black Indie Hair65941324
Black Long and Straight Hair1772372988
Black Manga Hero Hair398672920
Black Messy Bun80922251
Black Mullet21354886
Black Pigtails11913660
Black Ponytail80274239
Black Ponytail48395623
Black Ponytail376527350
Black Ponytail 3.062241601
Black Surfer Hair with Green Highlight212971565
Black Swoosh Hair553918777
Blonde Action Ponytail398673196
Blonde Anime Superstar73790841
Blonde Bloke30387597
Blonde Bob46302558
HairID Code 
Candy Apple Hair417457909
Cardboard Mohawk745773200
Cavegirl Hair145316459
Charming Brown-haired Fellow83013207
Chestnut Bob77799917
Chestnut Destiny161246558
Chestnut Spikes80922374
Chestnut Style212967757
Cinnamon Hair13745548
Classic Green Mohawk20573103
Claw Brawler35292159
Cool Blonde Scientist1001655155
Cool Blue Girl Hair365632597
Cool Disco Guy139152149
Cool Guy Hair27171262
Cool Scientist154818827
Coolest Founding Father146082964
Coolest Guy In the Room185812452
Cotton Candy Hair293316608
Crazy Game Dev Hair248286896
Crazy Green Clown Hair29410299
Crimson Anime Super Star106708093
HairID Code 
Father Time15913848
Festive Chestnut Hair332746213
Fiery Anime Superstar1149576990
Fiery Princess Hair65941351
Fish Fin Mohawk1241149964
Flaming Mohawk191101707
Flower Crowned Red Locks461491079
Forum Troll29959866
Foxy McNinetails81722657
Freedom’s Mohawk891982114
Frobow the Sad Clown11721197
Frozen Gentleman Hair325752346
Frozen Snowflake Hair1213432315
Fuchsia Fantastique20980138

How do you use hair codes on Roblox?

To use the hair codes listed above, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Log into your Roblox account.
  • Click “Promo Code Redemption Page.”
  • Enter the ID code of the hair you want to use for your character.
  • Redeem the code.
  • If you’ve done all these steps, check your inventory, and the item is already there in your account.

Be aware of expired codes however and ensure that the codes you used are updated to the current year of the Roblox engine.

Can I get free Roblox hair?

The best thing about Roblox is that you can get items for free, including hair. There are many ways to do it, and the most common methods will be listed below. Another appeal Roblox has is how accessible the items are. You can pick and choose which item you want, and they are entirely free. There are, of course, exceptions to some things where there are fees involved, but you can do just as fine as not paying for the items.

Here are the ways you can get free hair in Roblox

For PC

On your PC, log into your account and go to the central hub. You can click on the Shop tab, and on the left side, click on Accessories which is at the very bottom. You have to note that the items are sorted by relevance, so the lower you go, the less significant it will get.

Sort out the catalog by price and adjust the option from high to low, into low to high. This way, you can see the first options as free ones where you can choose the best Roblox hair that doesn’t need to be paid for. Aside from hair, you can also check clothing, accessories, and peripherals that are also free that might interest you.

For IOS or Android

On your mobile phone, you can tap the menu on the bottom of the screen to open the shop. Then, scroll to a section where you’ll see the hair catalog. Some items are priced at random, so adjust the settings to zero to see the free ones.

Remember that free hairstyles are all identical for all platforms regardless of where you download them. You don’t need to download the game on a different platform to get exclusive hairstyles. So, at least you have that going for you when you browse through the different hairstyles and fashion clothing and accessories.

Furthermore, there are also occasions where you can get free items available for only a limited time. Check the store from time to time to get free things that are exclusive for a limited period only.

As you can see, there are over a hundred to thousands of hairstyles and combinations that you can choose from. It’s only a matter of choosing the perfect hairstyle or design where you can truly enjoy making the best out of your avatar’s fashion and accessories. You simply couldn’t run out of things to add to your character, and it’s an amazing feeling to be able to have a roblox character look like you in real life, which couldn’t be said in most games that offer customization.


Roblox hair is a fantastic customisable feature that allows players to express themselves in unique ways. Whether it be an afro, black spikes, bob cuts, and long hair, you have the option to go for whatever style you want to sport. The best part about it is that some codes are redeemable, and you get items for free that are otherwise paid accessories.

You can also redeem codes from different online sources from years past. There are events that distribute promo codes that you can easily input into your account so you’ll automatically receive the items for your avatar’s style.

Moreover, there is no exclusivity to the items on specific devices. If you play on a smartphone, you can still enjoy the perks of getting items and options in customisation from the PC version as well. There are no restrictions to this because Roblox is an innate cross-platform game.

Checking the shop from time to time also helps with gaining exclusive hairstyles specific to the event that you can acquire them, and there are no shortages of colors, styles, and length to the hair you want to try out for your Roblox avatar.

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