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Developed by HyperBeard Inc., Adorable Home is one of their most popular game. Appealing to kids and girls and with an amazing and unique gameplay it is a game suitable for every casual gamer.

A casual game that uses love as currency, that is all about collecting cats and decorating your home. It is a relaxing game and not a grinding one. You can play it any time you want at your own pace.

In the game you choose a partner ( you can even name it and choose it’s gender ) and together with a cat you start a new life in a new home with the sole purpose of living a happy life, improving your home using love earned from your pet cat and partner. Being gentle to them earns you love that you can use as a currency to get more cats and decorations and furniture. Capture moments, attract visitors and get a lot of cats. You just have to love Adorable Home. The reviews on app store shows that the game is loved by so many.

There are mini games that you can play, to generate more love currency. The mini games include:
Stroking different parts of your cat and you know that cats don’t like to be touched everywhere. If you touch the correct part you receive a red heart. Get five of them to complete the game.
Cut Nails – With your finger you have to draw a straight line to cut nails. If you are successful you receive a heart. You lose the game if you get 5 flashes ( mistakes ).
Take a shower – Control the water temperature to keep the water just fine. Shower your cat at the right temperature for a heart.

We have set up an Adorable Home Guide with tips & tricks, strategies and walkthrough to quickly raise a lot of Love Currency.

Adorable home
Adorable Homes

How to play Adorable Home ?

Personalize your character, choose the name, gender, skin color and then move forward to customizing your partner. Settle into your new home and start home decorations. With 1500 Love received from your partner you can only afford a couch, a tv and a table.

While your partner works you will decorate the house, pet your cat and collect love as you do this. But before he leaves prepare him a creative bento box for some extra love.

Feed the cat to get love in return and care for the cat with the three mini games described above.

Feeding is when you refill the bowl, and get “love” in return. Then, you can start caring for them. There are three mini games that will help you earn more “love”: stroking, nail-cutting, and showering. Each caring strategy has its own set of rules, but basically, you just have to keep Snow and the rest of the cats happy.

You can also earn love watching the weather forecast. Adorable Home is only about calm and hygge.

Tricks for getting more hearts in Adorable Home

Buy cats before decorating your house. The more cats you have the more hearts you make so it’s better to invest in that first time.

Your cats love fish so feeding them with it will give you more love

When preparing the bento box before your partner goes to work give the expensive food. This is the way for more hearts

When cutting cats nails tap the nails instead of swiping. It’s a lot easier and prevents errors

After playing each of the mini games you will be rewarded with either 80 or 160 hearts. But did you know that if you press both buttons at the same time you get both ? Now that’s a cheat ….

You need to remember the spots where your cats like to be stroked.

Buy a garden first time before doing interior work. It attracts visitors.

Buy Cat Gift Boxes in Adorable Home

You should always have enough hearts to afford food for the bento box and buy cat food. If you have 600 love you can visit the shop and get a cat gift box. Doing so will earn you more hearts from your pets. If you feed the cats you can also access the mini games again so you can easily get a return on the investment made in cat boxes. Easy right ?

Cat Gift Box - Adorable Homes

Pet each furry friends

You should show your love to each of your cats. With the 3 mini games and the rewards you receive from doing them you can gather a lot of hearts. Just remember that each cat is unique and prefer differents spots for stroking. Don’t stroke them wrong because you get flashed and if you have more than 3 flashes you lose the game. Earn 5 hearts to win the love you deserve for taking care of you pet cats.

Cats, much like any other pet, need more than food to live a happy life. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that each one of your furry companions get all the love and attention they deserve. In Adorable Home, you can do so through 3 distinct activities, presented in mini games, that reward you with love once you accomplish them. Simply tap on any of your cats with a heart icon and engage in these activities.

Every cat, or at least every cat in Adorable Home, loves to be caressed but, of course, you have to stroke them the right way. Naturally, each cat’s unique features and personality comes with a preference as to which part of their body they enjoy being fondled. Stroking some parts soothe them while others irritate them. In the mini game, you have to stroke the cat on the welcomed part to earn a heart while stroking the wrong one gets you a flash. Earning 5 hearts first wins you the game while receiving 3 flashes ends the game with a loss. If you do rub the cat the wrong way and miss out on extra hearts, you can repeat the mini game as many times as you want until you win it.

Cut your pets nails to win the game. As mentioned above use a tap motion instead of a swipe to get it right every time. When the cat gives you her paw be quick.

Give them a bath. But be careful. One degree below their preferences will end in chaos. So tilt your phone left and right to keep the temperature just perfect !

It takes 2 hours for each mini game to be available again.

Only the best food in the bento box

We get it… you are the part of the couple that stays at home and takes care of everything while your partner is out earning money. This makes you responsible with packing the bento box for your partner.

With a wide variety of desserts, main courses, side dishes, make sure you shop the food ahead of time and only buy the most expensive food for them if you want to be rewarded with a lot of love. You receive the love when your partner arrives home from work.

Your cats love food … so feed them

You start the game with one pet cat and besides the mini games, to keep her happy you need to feed her. You can buy cat food from the store and while it might seem expensive, keep in mind that you get hearts love back in return for feeding the cat. As usually the better the food the more the hearts you earn. Cheaper food is also an option if you are planning to invest in decorating your home.

One of the first and main sources of love you earn come from Snow, your first cat. As a basic necessity, you should always feed your cat to keep them happy. Cat food has its costs, naturally, but from a progress-driven point of view you should consider this as an investment. Different varieties of food have different costs but the more expensive your choice is as to what to feed your cat, the shorter the period of time it will take to reap love from your cat.

Watch ads for extra Hearts Love Currency

Being kind with your partner, cats and attracting people to your house provides you some decent love but there are also other rewards that you can take advantage of. One of them involves watching ads. While the game does not enforce ads and the game can be played offline you can optionally watch them and earn rewards.

Tending to your partner, your cats, and attracting visitors sufficiently provides you with enough love to make good progress in Adorable Home. However, there are tons of opportunities for you to earn more love as well as double up on some of the usual rewards you receive. All these can be claimed through watching a short video ad. Take note that these ads are optional and will never be forced on you at any given time. While you can play the game completely offline, the only advantage of going online is for you to be able to play these ads and earn their respective rewards.

About Furniture in Adorable Home

As in real life, buying furniture and decoration on impulse can backfire. I’m sure it happened in real life to buy a decoration item because you liked it but when you got home with it you realised that you can’t find the right place to expose it. This also happens in Adorable Home so it’s great to have a plan for your home decorations so you don’t end up replacing sofa after sofa, rugs that don’t go well with the floor. Optimize your space and be considerate.

As we already mentioned, try to buy the garden early game. It might cost a little bit much but it generates a lot of visitors that account for love. The more investments you make in furniture and garden equipment the more hearts you win.

  • The newer Adorable Home Updates brings:
    – Custom loading screen ( Day or Night ) depending on the time of the day you are playing.
    – The music changes depending on the weather or if you are sleeping
    – More room renovation items were added. You can now change the wall colours and floors.

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