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Free Fire is a popular online battle royale mobile game played by thousands of people from all around the globe every single day. The game is published by Garena and is available to download and play on mobile devices. The goal of the game is to be the last survivor. If you we’re wondering how to do a free fire top-up this is the guide you need.

free fire top up centre diamonds bonus
free fire top up centre diamonds bonus

What are Free Fire Diamonds:

To answer the question simply, Free Fire Diamonds are the premium in-game currency which allows players to buy items wherever they are, whenever they want. Players can use the diamonds to purchase various cosmetic items such as in-game costumes, new weapons like guns, vehicle skins, emoticons, and characters at the in-game store to show-off their proficiency. There is also the Lucky Royale feature that allows players to gamble for a chance to receive higher priced items through a cheaper price. The fastest way to acquire diamonds is by purchasing or topping-up diamonds in game.

How to Top Up Free Fire Diamonds:

Free Fire top-up can be done in the in-game store, which is fairly the easiest and probably the most secure way to do so. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, open the Free Fire game and go to the in-game store. Players can also click on the diamond icon at the top of the screen. Players will then see various Free Fire top-up options on the screen.
  2. Next, the player can select the number of diamonds they want to purchase, depending on the amount that would suit their needs.
  3. The player will then be asked to make the payment using the mode of payment that is in their Google Play account. If the player hasn’t set this up yet, they can go to the Google Play payment page and add a debit or a credit card. Once confirmed, Free Fire will proceed with the payment.
  4. After the payment has been made, the players will receive the Free Fire Diamonds in their account.

Alternatively, Free Fire top-up can also be securely done directly from the Garena website. Some trusted third party websites also offer Free Fire top-up such as Codashop and Games Kharido.

How To Get 100% Free Fire Top Up Bonus in 2021:

Speaking of third party websites, Games Kharido offers 100% Free Fire Top Up bonus, which means players who top up will get twice the number of diamonds they buy. For example, if the player decides to top-up a total of 100 Free Fire diamonds, then they will receive an additional 100 Free Fire diamonds. That would total to 200 diamonds! The catch however is that this can only be done once and that is during the player’s first Free Fire top-up through Games Kharido. So the higher Free Fire diamonds they player tops-up, the higher bonus they will get. Here’s how players can top-up through Games Kharido and receive their Free Fire Diamonds bonus:

  1. Go to the Games Kharido website and select Free Fire.
  2. Enter the Free Fire Player ID or they can log in via Facebook if their Free Fire is linked.
  3. Just like in the in-game store, various options will show up on the screen where the player will click to choose the desired amount.
  4. The player needs to confirm the selection, then they will be prompted to proceed to payment. Players has the option to pay via UPI, PayTM, or Net Banking.
  5. After successfully paying the amount, the player will then receive the diamonds they purchased as well as their 100% bonus on their Free Fire account.

Free Fire Top-Up Pricing and Bonuses:

As mentioned already, through the Free Fire top-up offered by Games Kharido, players can utilize the 100% Free Fire Diamond bonus in order to received copious amounts of diamonds to use for their in-game purchases. Below is the Free Fire top-up pricing options that are available from Games Kharido and the corresponding bonus to be received:

  • Indian Rupees 40 = 50 diamonds + 50 bonus diamonds = 100 diamonds
  • Indian Rupees 80 = 100 diamonds + 100 bonus diamonds = 200 diamonds
  • Indian Rupees 240 = 310 diamonds + 310 bonus diamonds = 620 diamonds
  • Indian Rupees 400 = 520 diamonds + 520 bonus diamonds = 1,040 diamonds
  • Indian Rupees 800 = 1060 diamonds + 1060 bonus diamonds = 2,120 diamonds
  • Indian Rupees 1,600 = 2180 diamonds + 2180 bonus diamonds = 4,360 diamonds
  • Indian Rupees 4,000 = 5600 diamonds + 5600 bonus diamonds = 11,200 diamonds

How to Get Free Fire Diamonds for Free:

There really isn’t a way to get loads of free diamonds for Free Fire other then topping-up for bonus diamonds. However, there are ways to get some here and there.

Firstly, Free Fire sometimes run some in-game events with which players can participate in. These events offer players the chance to win and get free diamonds by completing various missions. Do take note however that these events will only give players a few diamonds. So for those aiming to receive hundreds and thousands of diamonds, they might need to participate in a number of events to do so.

There are also some applications that rewards users with Free Fire diamonds in exchange for using the applications for a certain amount of time and performing certain activities such as watching videos and answering surveys. Do be careful though because it is hard to sift through which websites can be trusted and which ones are out to harm your account and device. Some applications and websites that can be trusted are Swagbucks, Easy Rewards, and Payroll.

Speaking of shady websites, a simple Google search for free Free Fire diamonds would show you sites offering free diamonds. There are no legitimate and working hack or cheats for players to receive diamonds for their in-game purchases. These websites are only out to hack your account and steal money and information from you. Do not ever give out your account information and credentials to websites that cannot be trusted. It is good to educate yourself first on the credibility of the website before doing transaction with them.

Lastly, look-out for some redeem codes which offers a variety of rewards from in-game coins, cosmetics items such as costumes, loot crates, and even diamonds! These redeem codes are legitimate way of receiving various Free Fire rewards, especially that the redemption of such codes is done through the official Free Fire website. For the latest Free Fire redeem codes, please follow this link.

Free Fire Redeem Code Today 2021

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