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Is Kratos the God of War or a Demi-God ? You might be a little confused, we must admit we were. Kratos has a lot of experiences, he goes through a lot of forms, gaining and losing powers and we understand you might get confused. This is why, in this article we will bring light on the subject of is Kratos a God or a demi-god.

We know that Kratos lost his divinity when he empowered the sword of Olympus and while that means he lost his power could that mean that he is now a demi-god or did it turn out to be a god? There are a lot of theories as the story develops in the game.

Is Kratos the God of War
Is Kratos the God of War

The director answer

When asked, Cory Barlog, who directed 2007’s God of War 2 said multiple times that he is a god. To add on top of that, he said that Atreus is also part god. Cory is very well acquainted with mythology and having directed God of War 2 we could have simply believed it but we like to do our research.

Kratos was always a demi-god because he is the son of Zeus, this is why he was strong like Hercules but we know he also absorbed Hades’s soul so you could say that he has a soul of God in him giving him the ability to swim in the Styx River.

The Pandora Box!

When Kratos opened the Pandora Box, he gained Hope (the ability to kill a god). He carries on to kill Ares and was named God by Zeus & Athena in the first God of War. In GOW2 he loses his god power but not Hope. He then touches the blade of Olympus and turns back into a demigod. But in GOW3 he kills Hades and absorbs his soul. There are no mentions on how strong he grew but we know that he is now considered a God.

To reach the underworld’s Hyperion Gates he needs to activate it with the soul of a God. Kratos reaches the Hyperion Gate after absorbing Hades’s soul. At the end, Kratos kills Zeus and stabs himself, losing Hope but absorbing the powers of the Olympus Sword, but it turns out he has the powers of Zeus, Hades and Ares combined together with his demigod powers.

Hope not needed theory

Before killing the goddess Persephone, without needing powers, that could also mean that he did not need Hope to kill Zeus or Hades or Ares because he did that before. When he released the power of Hope, he got his powers of god back and from the sword absorbed some hope that he then released into the world. This is how he becomes a god again.

To conclude, we know that he was a demi-god at birth. In GOW 1 and GOW 2 he turns into a god but he then loses some powers and quits being a god. He is now turned back into a demi-god but with some power-ups.

He’s a Demigod at birth. Becomes a Full God between GoW 1 & 2. Loses part of his power early and then gives up full godhood. He’s a Demigod with some upgrades.

The father of Zeus is Chronos. In GOW 3, Gaia says to Kratos “You lived? The blood of Chronos served you well, spartan”. That means that Kratos has blood from 2 Titans, making him very hard to kill. By defeating Hades and taking control of the Loom of Fate, he is very strong.

Is Kratos the God of War or a Demi-God ?

According to Cory Barlog, director of GOW 2 confirms that Kratos is a god. While there are a lot of theories and Kratos goes through a lot of states gaining power, losing it, dying and reviving at the end it turns out he is a god.

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