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Finding House ideas for Minecraft is easy with this article. We have gathered all styles of houses from luxury retreats to tiny fancy homes that you can build. It all depends on how dedicated you are.

We gathered over 30 house ideas for Minecraft for your next work of art. All of them are buildable but it depends if you have the resources, time, and a little bit of skill because even though it might not be hard to build a house in Minecraft we can tell you it’s worth it.

Imagine yourself gazing down the window looking at a surreal panorama in your new cozy home that you made from scratch. What you might miss is a little bit of inspiration to help you get started because we all know the internet can be surprising and this is why we created a list of 30 house ideas for Minecraft like a hut, a bungalow, cottage, ranch, tower, horse barn, penthouse, villa, castle, wood cabin and more.

House Ideas for Minecraft

1. Penthouse

The penthouse is a special and unique home in Mine craft. The penthouse can only be purchased and built in the game’s creative mode. The penthouse’s floor plan is a square with two stories, each with a balcony. It has white walls and a red roof and is located on top of the highest building in any given village. The ground floor contains a large open area used for parties, looking over the town, and having a dining area and kitchen. The second floor includes:

  • The living room.
  • Large flat-screen television and computer.
  • An elegant dining table that seats eight.

The main bedroom has a suite bathroom. Four additional bedrooms each have their bed and chest of drawers, while one also has an adjacent study space.

2. Wood Cabin House

This house is one of the most famous Minecraft, house style and it’s easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want a cozy tiny home with a fireplace, a small kitchen, and even a separate crafting room? Excellent, your game would be with a solid, sturdy structure to call home. Whether you’re looking for a wide-open space to entertain guests or an area where you can make some genuinely epic furniture and sculptures, This home has all the essentials–a working doorbell, a display case for your collectibles, a hidden room for valuables, and even a hot tub for some pleasant relaxation. The structure is neat and orderly, but it does have an inviting atmosphere with a cozy fireplace and glass windows. The hot tub seems to be an afterthought, but it can still be helpful.

3. Bungalow House

The Bungalow House is perfect for anyone who wants to keep things simple. This house has a flat, long design with a low ceiling and small window openings, ideal for shade-loving plants like ivy. The wooden walls make this house is excellent choice for players who want a classic look. This house is made of wood, cobblestone, and nether brick. It has a roof of thatch, two bedrooms, one open area, and one basement. Also, it is small enough that it takes very little time to assemble and furnish, which is why it’s a popular choice for first-time homeowners. Because it has no second story, it also makes animals more comfortable than other houses.

4. Horse Barn House

This house style, is well-constructed barn designed to house horses. The home has one large room on the ground floor and another upstairs room. Adjacent to the House is a fenced area with a stable and hay bales. Horse Barn House is extremely spacious inside and out. Featuring five windows for lighting and ventilation, multiple entrances for easy access, and a luxurious hayloft, there’s no better place to keep your horse.

5. Castle House

The Castle House is the perfect option for anyone who wants a lot of room to decorate and a lot of space outside. Castle House is exactly what its name suggests: it’s a vibrant and colorful castle with a large landscaped yard. The interior is well-lit and airy, with views from every window and wide-open spaces. There are several bedrooms, including one that can fit an entire family, and there’s even room for a small party area. If you’re looking for something more private, take advantage of the large courtyard area to kick back and relax in privacy. This house has four stories, but it doesn’t take long to build. It can be made with stone bricks, but you can also use wood planks if you’re short on time. The house also has a room for an enchantment table, which is a valuable item if you want to add extraordinary things to your armor and weapons.

6. Modern Treehouse

This treehouse is designed to allow the owner to escape when they feel like it quickly. It’s simple but comfortable, and it has all the amenities of a modern home. The owner can relax and enjoy the view of the surrounding trees. This treehouse is ideal for meditation or just enjoying a book in nature. A modern treehouse doesn’t necessarily have to be made out of wood or resemble a house, either. You could build something that looks like a tiny dwelling on stilts. This is what a modern treehouse should look like:

  • It’s made of glass and steel so that you can see out, but no one can see in.
  • It’s got Wi-Fi so you can stay connected to the outside world while you’re tucked away in the woods.
  • It has an open floor plan so you can entertain guests inside and out. It’s a place where your friends will want to hang out.

7. Tower House

This house is excellent for those who enjoy having everything on-hand and don’t want to waste time traveling long distances to visit their supplies. Each floor of this house is lined with compartments that are perfect for storing your materials; they’re even separated into categories, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. The bottom floor contains a furnace, a crafting table, and a chest full of food, which a trapdoor can access in the ceiling. The top floor includes an enchanting table, bed, and crafting table; there’s also a trapdoor that leads to the ground floor. If you want to build something truly epic, it may be time to consider a Tower house. This is an updated version of the old classic, with every feature you could ever want for a house.

8. Ranch House

A ranch house is a very spacious home with a wide-open floor plan. It has a large kitchen and dining area overlooking the great room. There is also an office, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The exterior has plenty of space for a large yard and an attached two-car garage. Because a ranch house is the best house you can build in Minecraft, here’s a brief on how to make one:

  • Find a plains biome. They are flat and grassy.
  • Find an oak tree. Oak trees have leaves that look like oak leaves.
  • Cut down the oak tree with your stone ax (or wood ax if you play in quiet mode).
  • Go around until you find the block called “planks.” Planks are long, thin blocks. You can make them into planks if you have the crafting table in creative mode or if you have one of those crafting tables from your parent’s garage.
  • Use four planks to make a workbench. You need this for crafting other things later on, so make sure you don’t lose it!
  • Craft sticks by putting two planks and two stems on a crafting table. (A branch is a green block that grows in the grass.) Rods are used to craft doors and fences later, so again, don’t lose them
  • Craft sticks into more sticks by putting four posts on a crafting table

9. Hut House

Need a quaint, cozy little cabin to escape the hustle and bustle of your Minecraft world? Then this is the house for you! It’s a small house, but it has everything you need

  • A bedroom
  • Living room,
  • Kitchen
  • Basement

The Hut House has a simple, classic design and features warm colors that’ll make you feel right at home. This house is perfect for anyone who wants to live in the mountains or forest without being too far from civilization. Let’s get building! Tips to build a hut house:

  • Dig down ten blocks deep with the shovel.
  • Use the wooden planks to create a rectangle shape on the ground so that it is 15×15 blocks wide and five blocks high.
  • Make it out of dirt if you want to make it cheap; make it out of wood if you’re going to make it fast; or make it out of stone if you’re going to make it last longer—it’s up to you!
  • Place two torches on the wall directly beneath the earth’s surface above them so that there is one block of space between them and the surface of the world above them. Then place two more torches on either side of each torch you put beneath the world, making sure they are at least one block away from that first torch—but not more than four blocks away from either torch on either side.
  • Add your bed, crafting table, and storage for all your items using crafting tables as necessary.

10. Cave House in an Ice Mountain House

This roomy house is inspired by the mountain caves that dot the landscape of many popular Minecraft servers. The room is open and airy, but it has all the necessary amenities you need in your house. There’s a small kitchen area where you can cook up simple recipes and even a cozy little spot to sit down and read a book. This house features:

  • ·The cave-like quality of being filled with dangerous stalactites and stalagmites that are waiting to plunge through your roof at any moment
  • The ice-covered appearance of an icy mountain peak
  • A floor filled with snow that will melt and flood your house if you forget to shovel it out
  • A back door that leads straight into a deep ravine

With this home, you’ll be able to relax in true peace while knowing that only death awaits should you fall victim to the elements. If you want to set your home on the edge of a mountain and gaze into the icy abyss below—then the Cave House in an Ice Mountain house is for you.


11. Skyscraper House

The Sky-Scraper House style is a tall building made of dark stone bricks that juts out from the ground like a skyscraper in the real world. Use it as a personal house or as part of your skyscraper-themed creation. Either way, it’s sure to be an eye-catching addition to any Minecraft landscape. This is a skyscraper house for use in the famous place Minecraft. It’s made of wood and glass and comes with a gorgeous view. It features two floors, with the top floor containing a piano, bookshelves, and a bed. The bottom floor includes the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom.

12. Medieval Village House

This minicraft house style is a part of a medieval village that you can download for your Minecraft world. It’s a single building, but it does have a front and back yard. This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that looks like it belongs in the medieval era. It’s designed to fit in with other buildings from the same period, so the overall effect is cohesive. This beautiful house is similar to the houses in the medieval village. A double door opens out into a porch with a balcony, a small room upstairs, and a large room downstairs. It is built entirely out of wooden planks with stone brick and cobblestone.

13. Beach House With Glass

This gorgeous beach home is all about the great outdoors. The vast, glass walls in the living room and kitchen allow for a lovely view of the waves and beach beyond for those chilly winter nights when you can sit cozily by the fire as you watch the snowfall outside. But in the summer months, these same windows and doors open up to let the salty breeze from the ocean blow right through your home. The main floor features a spacious living room with a fireplace, kitchen, dining area, and main bedroom with en suite bathroom and walk-in closet. The second story has three additional bedrooms and another full bath. Attic space could potentially be finished into living space or left unfinished for storage. The covered patio space outside allows you to enjoy being outdoors without worrying about rain or sun in your face. You can cookout on the built-in grill while your guests relax in the shade or head down to the beach on a wooden stairway just off one side of the house.

14. Octagon House

The Octagon House is an excellent option for many people and families. Some people believe that the Octagon House is an outdated home style, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Octagon House is also perfect for small families or couples, as it offers plenty of room and space to live comfortably without taking up too much space on your property. Even if you have several pets or children, an Octagon house can easily accommodate all of them.

15. Flooring and Rooftop Patio House

This beautiful home is the perfect place to host your friends, who will love the rooftop patio and flooring made out of wooden planks. The house has a few different options for materials, but we chose light blue concrete and dark oak wood planks. Meanwhile, the rooftop patio is made of lightweight gray concrete and dark oak wood. The house is designed to feel like you’re living in a city loft or penthouse apartment rather than a suburban home.

16. Aquarium

An amazing creative house with a full-height aquarium with plants, fish, and sea life. What people would fear building in reality in Minecraft can be built and the results are absolutely mind-blowing. A cozy house with a staircase, garden plants, amazing color palette makes this modern house look like a home most of us would like to own and live into. Made by SheepGG


There are dozens of different types of Minecraft houses. Some fancy, some plain, all with their appeal. Regardless, if you want to make a house in Minecraft, there is more than enough material to choose from. Houses are an invaluable part of Minecraft.

Did you know that you can even build a Minecraft House out of Diamonds? If you are not sure how to find diamonds in Minecraft learn more here.

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