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How to find diamond in Minecraft … I’m quite sure you have asked yourself that. Because Diamonds are the most valorous commodity in Minecraft because they are very rare and can be used for a plethora of things. In order to find a diamond you will pretty much have to search for a while. This article will explain all the ways you can find diamond in Minecraft, what can you use them for and how to mine them.

How to Find Diamond In Minecraft
How to Find Diamond In Minecraft

The various uses for Minecraft Diamonds.

Diamonds, in Minecraft, are the most sought-after weapons and armor material found in the game. They make the hardest-hitting, most durable weapons in the game, as well as the best armor.. Another important item that diamonds make is the enchantment table. Because it’s used in the making of weapons and armor and the enchantment table, diamond is arguably the most important material you can find when you’re in the mid to late game stages of your survival world.

It’s also used in making a star firework, and a jukebox. Neither of these items is seen as necessary for your continued survival, but they are nice to have.

Diamond pickaxes are also required to break obsidian blocks. You need obsidian blocks in order to get into the nether, and you’ll need to get into the nether if you want to be able to make a crafting table.

One of the cooler applications of diamonds is using them to choose power from a beacon.

How to Find Diamond In Minecraft By Mining

Diamonds start spawning between -50 to -64 on the y axis. If you don’t know what the y axis is, it’s the number representing the depth of the location you’re currently in. Every block (i.e dirt, stone, wood) represents 1 increase or decrease in y positioning.

A common method Minecraft players use and have used since the game first came out, is to strip mine until you find diamond. There are various techniques you can use to strip mine, and every one of them is valid. The simplest and most straightforward way to strip mine is to dig down at an angle until you reach -58 on the y axis, and then dig a tunnel straight ahead of you until you find diamond.

One more example of strip mining is the quarry method. This is very time consuming, but it will net you a nice collection of stones in the process of trying to find diamond. To do this, you dig in a circle to outline your quarry. Once your quarry is outlined, you go around and dig out the center of the circle. You repeat this process until you exhaust your potential mining area all the way down to bedrock. This method is still viable, but it’s less efficient than the former method.

Diamonds have a higher chance of spawning in the savanna, mesa, and desert biomes. If you want to start a strip-mining operation, those are going to be the best biomes to set up shop in to maximize your chances of finding diamonds.

If you’re not wanting to strip mine, another option is to find a cave and travel down until you start finding naturally occurring lava pools. When you’re in the same room as a lava pool, you have a higher than normal chance of finding diamonds if you mine into the walls a little bit.

With the advent of the caves and cliffs update for the bedrock edition of Minecraft, there’s a chance to find deep slate diamond ore. Deepslate diamond ore can be found the same way a normal diamond can, but it doesn’t drop the diamond ore as normal diamond blocks do.

How To Find Diamonds In Places Other Than Mining for Them.

Diamonds also spawn randomly in chests found in mob spawner rooms, strongholds, desert temples, villages, shipwrecks, jungle temples, mine shafts, and bastion remnants. They have a low chance to spawn in each of these locations due to the utility of diamonds, but you’re bound to find diamond in one of these locations if you wander around the game world long enough.

They can also be found in End Cities, but this method is going to be impossible to achieve without already having diamond tools, to begin with, and getting to an End City requires the defeat of the Ender Dragon.

If you’re on the JAVA edition of Minecraft, toolsmith villagers and armorer villagers have a chance to trade emeralds for diamonds if you have them to the journeyman rank of trading. This can be helpful if, for some reason, you’re finding more emeralds than you are diamonds.

A general rule of thumb is that the more dangerous a location, the more of a chance it has to spawn a diamond. in a chest in the location.

How To Mine Diamond

How to mine Diamond
How to mine Diamond

Diamond blocks require iron, gold, or diamond pickaxes in order to break them. If you try mining diamond with a wooden pickaxe you’ll shatter the block without actually obtaining the diamond itself. It’s not recommended that you use gold either, because golden tools break easier than iron tools, and gold is far, far rare than iron. If you’re reading this guide, it’s assumed that you haven’t found a diamond yet, so your best bet is to just use iron.

Later on, when you have access to an enchantment table, you can try enchanting a pickaxe in order to have the fortune IV enchantment. Since diamonds are an ore-type mineral, you’ll be giving yourself a pretty high chance of getting multiple diamonds out of just one block.

If you find a cluster of diamonds in a cave, it’s recommended that you dig around them to isolate the diamonds. You would do this to limit the possibility that the diamond is sitting next to a block. IF you run into a lava block while minding diamond, there’s a chance that your diamond will fly into the lava and get destroyed. This is why it’s important to make sure there’s no lava above or below your newly found diamond block. Once the diamond block cluster is completely isolated from the walls around them, you’re free to break and collect your diamonds.

With deep slate diamond ore, the rule still applies, However, when you break the deep slate diamond ore, it doesn’t drop diamond. You’ll only get the block itself. In order to get the diamond from the deep slate diamond ore, you’ll have to smelt it in the furnace.

Now, hoping that I have answered your question on How to Find Diamond In Minecraft, go and build something wonderful.

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