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Minecraft enchanting is an aspect of the game allowing players to add specific properties or abilities to their in-game tools, weapons, armor, and blocks. Once you enchant, your tools become more valuable as you advance in the game as the items are given magical and sometimes weird powers.

It is an exciting part of the game that you need to learn as there is no guarantee of what effect the enchantment has on your tools. There are a lot of specifics that you need to familiarize yourself when learning minecraft how to enchant your items. Therefore, we have a guide for you, so read on to get some basics.

What Minecraft items can you enchant?

As you advance in the Minecraft game, you will find numerous challenges, and enchanting your items help you surmount these difficulties. You can enchant most of the items in Minecraft, making them more viable. Some of the things you can enchant include; a helmet, fishing rod, trident, hoe, bow, crossbow, shear, shovel, elytra, pickaxe, turtle shell, helmet, carrot on a stick, leggings, chest plate, and even books.

However, there are items you cannot enchant with a table. These are elytra, shield, shears, warped fungs on a stick, and flint and steel. For these items, you can use anvils to enchant them.

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How to enchant items in Minecraft?

To enchant, you should use an enchantment table. When you right-click the enchantment table, it will display a screen with available enchantments. To enchant an object, you must have enough experience points (XP) to cover the cost of the desired enchantment.

Each enchantment has its experience requirement and a secondary requirement that specifies what category of tool or weapon it may be applied to. For example, the Sharpness I enchantment requires only 1 XP to enchant a pickaxe, ax, or shovel. However, if you want to enchant a diamond sword (not any other sword), you need to have 2xp.

You can also enchant using an anvil which you combine with an enchanted book. You can also combine an anvil with two enchanted items to enchant an item.

How to get better Minecraft enchantments?

Since you trade-in experience levels for enchantments, you need to work on getting your experience levels up to get better enchantments. However, there are ways to get better enchantments even when your experience levels are done, for example, by using bookshelves and enchanting books.

If you need stronger Minecraft enchantments, you should add bookshelves around the table. The bookshelves help increase the enchantments on the table. If you want the very best enchantments, you need to have an entire bookshelf border totaling 15 bookshelves.

You need to store enchanting books if you want to enchant a weapon maximally. Keep the enchanting books until you reach the maximum level of enchantments. After achieving the max level, you can pair the desired item with the books.

List of all Minecraft enchantments

enchantment in Minecraft
Enchanting item

There are a lot of Minecraft enchantments available to players. The enchantments include the following;

1. Blast protection– reduces the damage arising from an explosion

2. Fire protection– This leads to more damage from fires and also causes less burning time

3. Projectile Protection– reduces damage by projectiles

4. Potion Protection– reduces effects of potions (poison, wither, etc.)

5. Protection– increases various resistance levels to nonphysical attacks (knockback, fall damage).

6. Respiration– facilitates underwater breathing

7. Aqua Affinity– increases the

8. Thorns– reflects some of the damage to the attackers

9. Depth Strider– increases the depth a player can move underwater compared to their height.

10. Frost Walker- Increases the chance of not being slowed by ice (frozen water), and it can even let you walk on water depending on your level.

11. Fortune- increases drop chances of certain items.

12. Power- Increases an arrow’s damage.

13. Sharpness- Increases your weapon’s damage but may lead to the weapon losing its durability.

14. Smite-causes more severe damage to the zombies and skeletons.

15. Bane of Arthropods- Causes more damage to arthropod mobs such as silverfish and bees.

16. Fire Aspect- Applies a fire aspect to a weapon, increasing the damage dealt by a set percentage of its current attack damage.

17. Looting- increases drop chance from mobs and chests.

18. Luck of the sea- increases fishing luck.

19. Lure- Attracts fish, junk, and loot.

How to build a Minecraft enchanting table?

To build an enchanting table, you must first gather a book, four obsidian ores, and two diamonds. You should then arrange these items correctly;

• Place the book in the second column of the first row

• In the second row columns, place a diamond first, then an obsidian ore, and finally a diamond in that order.

• You shall remain with three obsidian ores, which you should place in all of the three columns of the second row.

Once you place all these items in order, you will have an enchanting table. Now you can place start enchanting the tools you desire.

How to use your enchanting table?

Once you build your Minecraft table, you will need to place three blocks of lapis lazuli in a particular pattern on top to gain access to the enchanting area. It would be best if you had an empty box in the center and four boxes around it.

After placing the lapis blocks correctly, you can right-click on the center box to enter enchanting mode. From the menu, you can choose modes for your book, select levels within that mode, then look through your available items to find one that you want to use.

When you have found an item you wish to enchant, click it in the grid to place it in the “desired items area” on the left, and click again to put it in the enchantment box after placing an item in one of these areas and closing your menu.

Bottom Line

Enchanting is an aspect of the Minecraft game that you need to learn. It improves your game and helps you surmount significant challenges in the game. Get experience points to gain better enchantments. Also, utilize bookshelves and enchanting books for the best enchantments. Keep on practicing the above instructions to be an enchantment expert. We hope you learned how to enchant!

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