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The world of Minecraft is infinite, and sometimes walking around on foot isn’t the best way to get from one point to another. There are various ways of getting around Minecraft, from mine carts to using a nether portal network, but none of them are as flexible as getting around on a horse. So if you wanted to learn how to tame a horse in Minecraft carry on reading this article to find out.

Horses have one primary function, and that is to make you move faster around the game world. They can also be saddled with chests to store your excess items that you’re sure to pick up in your adventures around the world of Minecraft.

Step 1: Finding a Saddle

Horse Saddle minecraft
Saddle Minecraft

While technically you don’t need a saddle to tame a horse, it’s best to have one so you’re able to get it back to your home. After taming a horse, you’ll need a saddle to actually control it. Otherwise, your new horse is just going to be roaming around aimlessly with no sense of where you want it to go.

You can find saddles in all sorts of different ways. Most people find their first saddle inside of treasure chests that are found in ruins, strongholds, or mob spawner rooms. There are other ways to get saddles as well; you can buy them from butcher villagers, or find them randomly while fishing.

The most efficient way is to raid temples and loot their chests. Jungle temples and dessert temples are the most obvious choices, but if you’re feeling up to the adventure you can also do a deep dive into a water temple. The water temple isn’t recommended for searching for saddles early game because of the dangerous mobs that spawn there. This isn’t to mention the lack of oxygen found in water temples.

If you’re lucky enough while raiding a temple you might find a set of horse armor that you can throw onto your new horse to help protect them during combat. They come in the standard varieties: leather, iron, gold, and diamond. The horse armor doesn’t break over time like other types of armors or tools, so you’re never going to have to worry about replacing it (unless you find a better set.)

Step 2: Finding a Horse

Tame Horse Minecraft
Horse Minecraft

This shouldn’t be too hard to do. Horses spawn in one of two biomes: the savanna biome, or the plains biome. They usually spawn in groups, and you can usually hear them when they’re near you. They make distinct horse sounds. As a side note, there’s a chance for a skeleton horse to spawn if lightning strikes a horse during a storm. They have no special attributes, but they do look pretty gnarly and will allow you role play as some sort of undead revenant if you want too.

Step 3: Taming the Horse

Taming the Horse
Taming the Horse

The most straightforward way to tame a horse comes from just spamming the ‘use’ button over and over until it finally accepts you as its rider. This can be frustrating because the rng (random number generator) is basically a toss-up to what the horse will actually do and when it will actually do it. If you want to help speed this process up, you can feed it wheat, carrots, or a hay bale. This will increase the horse’s disposition towards you, and it will increase the chances of you successfully taming it.

Once you have your horse tamed, you’ll need to put the saddle on it so you can ride it to wherever you’re wanting to take it. If you have a lasso, it wouldn’t hurt to tame an extra horse and lead it back to your house for breeding purposes. There’s no real utility in this outside of just having extra horses on hand, but the world of Minecraft is especially dangerous for your farm animals so it’s better to be prepared to lose one and have a backup.

Step 4: Caring For Your Horse

Caring For Your Horse
Caring For Your Horse

While technically this isn’t a part of taming your horse, it is important to remember if you want to keep your horse around. If your horse’s health gets low, you can feed it apples, hay, carrots, or wheat to restore its health. Caring for your horse is important if you intend to ride it all the way to The End. Now that you found out how to tame a horse in Minecraft you can go ahead and tame your favourite one.

You can use your horse to go ahead and find diamonds. If you are not sure where to find them you can visit this article on How to find diamond in Minecraft.

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