The free daily spins we offer everyday is not the only way to obtain Free Coin Master Spins.
But there are other ways to obtain them. Most of them you sure know them but some should be new to you.

methods for free coin master spins and coins

Invite Facebook friends

Each time you invite a friend on Facebook to play the game you can receive up to 40 free spins. To receive them, your friend has to accept the invitation, download the game and log into the game using his Facebook account. 40 spins might not seem much but I have seen people inviting a few hundreds of players gaining over 4000 spins. With a lot of Facebook friends, it seems like an easy way to get coin master daily free spin.

Make gifts to your friends

After inviting your friends and they started playing the game you can make gifts for each other. These gifts contain spins and coins every day and the fun part is that you will not lose anything and you can send and receive up to 100 daily spins. Sounds great right?

Clicking on the games gift tab on the top right part of the screen will open a dialog box where you can enter how many gifts you want to send. You can send 50 spins and receive 100 every day without spending your spins from the pocket.

Wait for the spins

You receive up to 5 spins each hour up to a total of 50 free spins. That means that you should play every 10 hours to make the best of it.

Follow Coin Master on Social Media

Each day, Moon Active ( The coin master creator ) will provide free links to spins and coins. If you follow them you can easily gather coins free. Follow them on Facebook

Watch video ads

Watch ads to receive Coin Master spins every day. The videos you can see everyday is limited but you should gain some.

Level up your village

Every upgrade gives you a few coin master spins.

This one is all about spending coins and spins to win more coins and free spins, and it can take a long time. The aim here is to get free spins by buying new buildings and upgrading the ones you already have. It is probably a good idea to add all your Facebook friends before working on village completion, so you have more spins to work with.

Use Daily

With all these methods you might still wonder how to get coin master free spins 2021. Follow Coin Master on Social Media platforms. This way you can be updated when it comes to new coin master pets, trading cards and game updates.

Using these tips every day is very important and affects your fortune. While spins are based on luck, the number of spins you have will increase your odds for great winnings, raids, pet xp, shields, attacks.