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Are you on the track of gathering all 40 ribbons achivements in Bitlife ? We gathered all the ribbons and we will explain how to obtain a specific ribbon in Bitlife. But first. Let’s talk about Bitlife ribbons and Bitlife game

Bitlife Ribbons
Bitlife Ribbons

A Life Simulator, Bitlife is a game released last year that brings adventure and simulation into a great text game with an incredible amount of possible scenarios. Create a life and choose how to live it. With all kinds of funny life things that you can do like steal, study, be jobless, go to prison there are endless ways to live. Along personal achievements which count up to over 60, there is also a list of 40 ribbons that you can obtain by completing specific tasks or goals during your character life. And if that is not enough the game also included nephews and prenups, vitro fertilizations and more. But achieving all the ribbons is no easy task ! What makes it hard is that the game does not tell you how to obtain them. This is why we created a complete list of ribbons and tips for each one of them to hlep you obtain them in the game. To keep informed visit the Bitlife Twitter accounts for every Bitlife Update. There are currently no cheats on Bitlife Online.

The currently 40 Bitlife Ribbons require specific tasks to be completed like becoming rich or smart, become an addict or be reckless.

Bitlife Online
Bitlife Ribbon Example

Bitlife Ribbons Explained ( 40 ribbons updated 2021 )

???? Academic

Every year you should study a lot, go to the library, go to University and have great grades and smarts in Major and choose a higher education like Medical school. You should not have more than $ 2 million net worth. It works better on characters born with high smarts.

???? Addict

Accept the alcohol and drugs and gamble to become addicted. You have to obtain at least 2 addictions to die. Don’t go clubbing to much. Have under 25% smarts, have friends to go to party with, try to get alcohol addiction and gamble often. Don’t go to higher education.

???? Bandit

You should rob a train in real time system. Don’t use cheats to change the time

????‍???? Big Boss

Major Finance, Informational Systems and English. Go to a business school after gratuation. Get a corporate job, work hard each year and get promoted as a CEO. You must have over 20$ million net worth. It’s better to get an inheritance.

????‍♀️ Barbie Girl

Choose a female character and get plastic surgeries. Don’t go to higher education or over 2$ million net worth.

???? Cat Lady

As a female character adopt at least 30 cats and less than 5 pets different species. Don’t get married. You can also be transgender

????️ Deadly

Kill at least 6 people. You can poison, impale, electrocute, drive by in a fast car or push off cliff. If you fail you will be sent to jail or assaulted. You can also hire a Hitman to kill people but you need Bitizenship to be able to do that.

????‍♀️ ????‍????‍???? Family Guy

Get married as a male. Have under 6 children, be in good karma and spend 10 times. Don’t abandon or get in jail. Have under 2$ million net worth. ( Also works as a transgender

???? Cunning

Make a crime and escape the prison. Abandon the army or imigrate illegaly and get a sex change with surgery. Never let the police catch you again until your death.

???? Famous

Have nice looks and be smart ! Get famous as a Singer, Model, Magician, Pornographer, Chef, Dj or Writer. Work hard, get promoted and get fame. This can also work as a Famous Politician ( Governor, President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister )

???? Generous

Gift family or friends with over 20 items with appreciation and karma without arguments

???? Fertile

Easy to get you have to make at least 8 childrens and grandchildrens in your life from a single partner or adoption.

♾ Geriatric

Live a long life with happiness, health without illness, live at least 120 years and take diets to be healthy.

⛏️ Gold Digger

With high looks and smarts be a freelancer to earn money quick. In the dating app sort people by high income and marry the richest spouse to get an inheritance through divorce. Don’t get a job. The inheritance has to be at least 1.5 $ millions.

???? Globetrotter

Visit at least 20 countries.

???? Houdini

Make your escape from prison ! But do it 10 times 😀

✔️ Influencer

Clearly you should have high smarts and looks. From here you can either be an actor or a singer or Create a social media account at the age 13. Post as much as possible on social media picking Blog, Dance, Sexy pic, Random, Challenge etc and get a few milion likes and 100.000 followers. Try to go viral and promote your products once you have 5k followers. Monetize your accounts on Youtube. When you reach 100k followers verify your accounts on social media and you can reach 1 million followers easier.

???? Jailbird

Escape the prison then get back in and escape again. You can also obtain this if you get jailed 3 times without escaping and riot in the prison.

???? Hero

Save someone who is in a life threatening situation. Keep your Karma up. You can also receive this if you die from stepping on mines in the army or save someone using the Heimlich manouver.

???? Highroller

Have high million net worth earned from the horse racing or casino.

???? Lazy

Never get a job and reach 50 years old. Tap the “That’s not for me” button to reject jobs and have smarts higher than 10%.

???? Model Bitizen

As a male or female compliment people and give money 10 times. Get a job, have full karma and relationships, no debt and over 50k $ net worth. Call the cops when needed and don’t attemp to save anyone or intervene.Don’t argue with anyone, don’t abandon children or pets, don’t divorce, go clubbing, jail, murder, insult, drink alcohol or take drugs, spread STD, steal or other negative things. Never lower your karma, don’t commit any crimes. Apologize, don’t argue in relationships. Don’t get rich or have to much children.

???? Mediocre

Get fired from the job or get assaulted to death at a young age and don’t pass other requirements for ribbons.

???? Loaded

20 million net worth ! Through inheritance, lottery jackpot or a rare heirloom. It’s easier if you get born in a rich country and get a high paying job like Surgeon and make 20 millions net worth.

???? Lustful

Hook up with 20 people in threesome or one night stand but don’t spread STD.

???? Movie Buff

Watch movies at the theater every year until you see at least 20. Watch an ad if you don’t have a bitizenship. Don’t choose higher education and don’t get rich.

???? Rowdy

Go to clubs over 10 times, hook with people, argue and accept all drugs and alcohol offered.

???? Rich

Have at least 3$ millions net worth but not more than 20$ million dollars. Use it when having a high paying job or an inheritance.

???? Mooch

Ask your parents for money or pets and get refused at least 10 times.

???? Stupid

Under 10% smarts, don’t get a job and make dumb decisions that reduce smart until 50 years old. You can also get it if you die from drug overdose

???? Monopoly

Flip houses to make at least 1 $ million dollars in real estate, renovating until good condition and sell 10 houses with a higher prices to make profit.

???? Successful

Earn at least 250k $ net worth with good karma and reach 65 years old. Don’t get addicted and don’t get a higher education or get more than 2 $ million dollars.

????️ Veteran

Get in the army as an officer *Requires university major*. Deploy mines a lot of time using the Minesweeper game. Serve a career in military until age 62.

???? Wicked

Spread over 5 STDs in hook-ups, release 5 pets, abandon 5 children.

???? Wasteful

End your life immediately from the Surrender option or get a death sentence or a high debt.

⛈️ Unlucky

Die of Covid or cancer under the age of 30. Unfortunately this a luck based ribbon. You can also earn this if attacked by terrorists, struck by lightning. You can also use God Mode to have all attributes at 0% when starting a new life and die under 2 years old.

???? Thief

Steal from at least 5 banks, 5 houses, 5 cars, 10 porch pirate, 10 shoplifting, 10 random items or pickpocket people and don’t spend too much time in jail.

???? Teammate

Get born in Tucson or Miami in USA. Become a Mobile App Developer after graduation the Information Systems or Computer science. Promote your Designer and keep it. Don’t get famous. Have a high intelligence rate, age up until you die.

???? Tarzan

As a male make friends with 20 exotic animals and spend time with them. You need a Bitizenship to buy animals from a dealer.

Some achievements in Bitlife are hard to get and you need to start over and over. One wrong click and you get another ribbon achievement instead of the one you were targeting. These are all the Bitlife Ribbons currently in the game. We will update this articole when Bitlife adds new ribbons.
Below there are the most frequently asked questions regarding ribbons in Bitlife :


I’m trying to get drugs. Where can I go to become an addict ?
Keep partying with friends to get addicted to alcohol or gamble. Don’t go to clubs.

How can I get the Model Bitizen Ribbon ?
Compliment your family, spend time with them yearly, give money for t least 10 years. It take a lot of rep to get the ribbon. Don’t get too much money. Report your classmates and co-workers. Reject flirters.

Instead of getting the Stupid Ribbon I get the Lazy one
You need to have very low smarts and live an idle life at the same time or just die from an overdose accepting drugs in the club. Make dumb decisions.

I can’t get past the jail guard he is too fast ( Escaping maximum security prison for cunning or houdini.
When the guard catches you get out of the app and back in. This way it will take you back in prison to escape without getting punished. So you avoid not being successful in escaping.

I can’t get the Cat Lady Ribbon
Only work 10 years with a minimum wage, just to get enough cats and a house. Don’t try to get it using a character with good life. You need to waste your life with cats.

I can’t get the globetrotter ribbon even if I emigrated 20 times and went to 20 vacations and lived to 100.
You need more vacations and emigrate.

I had a full relationship but got hero instead of family guy
Don’t join the military and always call the cops instead of saving someone

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