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Finding Nemo Challenge Bitlife
Finding Nemo Challenge Bitlife

A new weekend a new challenge for Bitlife. On this last weekend of January 2021, Bitlife players will engage with the world of Pixars movie Finding Nemo.

To complete the Bitlife challenge all you have to do is:

  • Live in Sydney
  • Become a dentist
  • Release a goldfish
  • Have a daughter named Darla
  • Take a boat to sea

So to begin, start a new character based in Sydney, Australia. The next step is to become a dentist.

How do you become a dentist in Bitlife you ask ?

Make your way through school and college. When applying to college you should study every year and when you reach 18 you need to apply for college. Read books and spend time trying to raise your smarts. With a high rating in school, you should apply for a scholarship but if that doesn’t work apply for a scholarship or ask your parents! Take a biology degree and study hard and keep your smarts high. Don’t get into trouble as you will lose progress.

After college apply for dentistry school. Again study, read books, visit the library. Keep you intelligence high to get accepted.

Next steps for Finding Nemo Challenge

Purchase a goldfish when you reach 18 years old. Go to the pet store and adopt one. If you can’t find it try again at another age. After some years it should be there. Then when you own it release it.

Get maried and make a daughter. When she is born name her Darla. If you are having a boy, bad luck. Keep your relationship up to have another baby and if you are lucky maybe it will be a daughter.

For the final step, get a boat license under the licenses tab. Pay and answer correctly the exam question. When you have the license have enough money to buy a boat. You should be able to afford it. After all you are a dentist !

To finish off the challenge go on a boat trip on the ocean and the challenge is finished.

After completeting the challenge you will receive an accessory that you can use to any character you own in Bitlife.

Finding Nemo Bitlife Challenge

That’s it. You finished the Finding Nemo Challenge.

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