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It’s time for Bitlife Gatsby Challenge ! The latest Bitlife challenge is fun to achieve and easy enough for everyone to do it !

It’s time to live your most decadent lives, Bitizens! The Gatsby Challenge is a go!

Bitlife announced a new Challenge and we made sure we try an achieve it as soon as possible to teach anyone on what’s the best way to achieve it.

Bitlife Gatsby Challenge
Bitlife Gatsby Challenge Complete

In order to achieve the Gatsby Challenge you need to :

  • Live in New York
  • Be a famous writer
  • Have 20+ friends
  • Throw 10+ wild parties in your mansion
  • Become addicted to alcohol

Finish college and apply as a writer. For that you need to have great intelligence and graduate High School. A college degree will also help if you get it in English Keep your job and keep working harder until you achieve fame. Make 20 friends after that, write a book and become a famous writer and buy a mansion ( sometimes a mansion might not be available right away. Just keep aging until one becomes available and you need to save money to afford it ).

When you get more than 20 friends, throw 10+ parties in your new mansion. Then become addicted to alcohol. To do this attend night club parties and accept every drink that is being offered to you. Keep it up to increase your chances of addiction. This can also happen at your mansion parties. So choose multiple offers of drink.

To mantain friends, make them gifts, spend time with them and mantain a healthy relationship with them.

Once you know what is needed, the Gatsby Challenge comes in quite easy. Other tips are that you should start a new life in New York or move to New York United States by Emigrating. Study and have good stats, study harder in school, hit the library and read books. Keep yourself smart and happy to become famous.

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