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If you are strugling to make 1 billion in a lifetime in Bitlife, we have written a guide to achieve that in a lifetime. Our lists provides the highest paying jobs in Bitlife that will help you earn Bitlife ribbons and earn millions.

In the first place you need to follow one of these careers: Actor, Magician, Writer, Singer, App Developer, DJ, Reporter or Model. Some said to achieve 1 billion in Bitlife as a Chef or Artist.

This list contains the highest paying jobs in Bitlife ordered by the maximum money paid out. After the list there is a guide on how to keep jobs in Bitlife and not get fired.

Highest paying jobs in Bitlife
Highest paying jobs in Bitlife

Bitlife highest paying jobs sort by amount

  1. Singer
    – No academic requirements
    – 50% health
    – 70% looks
    – 50% intelligence

With promotions once every three years you should be a lead singer by 30 and become famous at 33. You should reach your first million at 40 – 50 years. If you manage to live 100 years you should become a billionaire.

2. Actor
– No academic requirements
– 70% looks, 50% health, 50% intelligence.
With no fixed progressions you should work harder every year to have a chance at being promoted. Reach your first million at 40 – 50 years old and live more than 100 years to be a billionaire in Bitlife.

3. Porn Star
-No academic requirements
– Female with 70% looks, 50% intelligence, 50% health.
Earn fame and earn more in 5 – 10 years after joining. Reach 30 – 40 years for a 500k payment. In a lifetime you can make 45 – 50 millions. You can play as a male pornstar but with a smaller pay rate.

4. Model
– No academic requirements
– Female, 50% intelligence, 70% looks, 50% health
Promotion after three years and reaching runway by 33 and fame at 37. You can earn up to 700.000 $ at age 50 and lifetime between 100 – 150 millions.

5. Magician
– No academic requirements
– 50% health, 50% looks, 50% intelligence
You only get pay rises without promotions but you can reach fame at around 40 years. You can reach up to 100K dollars and if you live up to 100 years you could earn 20 millions.

6. Writer
– Graduate high scool / secondary
– 0% looks, 50% health, 50% intelligence
With no fix progression you can achieve fame at around 40 years old and get a pay rise. Earn up to 200k at 45 years and 60 millions if you live long enough.

Writer is one of the highest paying jobs in Bitlife

7. Bitlife DJ
– You need an Information degree or Computer Science
– 0% looks, 50% health, 50% intelligence.
There’s no fixed progression and you reach fame at around 40 years with a 200.000$ pay. Lifetime can earn you around 80 million Bitcash.

8. Reporter
– English degree needed
– 50% health, 50% intelligence, 80% looks
Achieve fame at 32 – 40, earn up to 200k at 35 and 50 – 100 million lifetime.

9. App Developer
– Requires Computer Science Diploma or Information Systems
– 50% intelligence, 50% health, 0% looks.
You can achieve fame and get a pay rise of around 200.000$ at age 40 and earn around 80 millions in a lifetime.

How to mantain your job in Bitlife and not get fired

  1. Work harder for every job. It will increase chances of getting promoted or getting a pay raise.
  2. Stay healthy ! So hit the gym and keep your health at 50% or more. Some jobs won’t take you back if you get kicked out at around 30 – 40 age or under. So take care.
  3. Have plastic surgery to keep your looks up and start studying ( reading books ) if your intelligence drop.
  4. Do not sue a company or talk back to your supervisor if you get fired. You should only sue them when you get retired.
  5. Don’t sleep with your supervisor ! To get promoted you need to be popular among your colleagues. Don’t fight with them or report them. It will help you stay on track.

Make sure you meet the requirements when you enter a job. If you are to low you won’t get famous To reach fame in most of the cases keep your looks up close to 100%.
Guide made for Bitlife

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