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Bitlife mean girls challenge
Bitlife mean girls challenge

It’s time for another Bitlife Challenge. Released this weekend ( Bitlife releases a challenge in weekends ) and it’s called Mean Girls Challenge ! If you grew up in the 2000s or simply attended high school in that period you certainly are familiar with the iconic movie Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan where a group of girls acted like celebrities and bullying girls.

If you are planning on reliving those days you can now do so in Bitlife’s new Mean Girls Challenge

How to complete the Bitlife Mean Girls Challenge

As a girl with good looks you need to attend the elementary school, middle school and high school as you incearse your popularity.

  • It is important to start of with a character that has good looks from birth up to middle school so if your looks are under 80 you might need to recreate your character until you hit the hot spot.
  • If you have God Mode enabled, set the looks to 100.
  • Insult 10 of your colleagues and do it early because you need to have a big popularity when you reach middle school and insulting your colleagues drops your popularity. Take care to not get kicked out of school if the colleagues insult you
  • Make at least 10 friends ( as early as possible )
  • Spread rumours about at least 10 friends – It’s best to start the rumours when you reach 11, 12. years of age right before middle school. You might get random attacks and hopefully they won’t report it to the principal.
  • Join the Mean Girls Group Clique – If your popularity is high, you have spread rumours and you are attractive you will be accepted in the Clique. If your looks drop you need to hit the Gym to get some looks increase. If you can’t join because of low popularity you can play sports or join a college sorority.
  • Turn 10+ friends into enemies – This is easy. Tap on their name and modify the status from friends to enemies. It’s that easy.

You finished Bitlife’s Mean Girls Challenge !

You have now obtained the Mean Girls Challenge Award ! You receive a chest and new glasses or hat !

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