Our fans asked us to create a Roblox Login Guide. Children and non tech-savy players run into some issues when trying to login to Roblox, download and setup the game and play.

For starters everyone should know that the game can be played on a PC, mobile ( iOS or Android ), Xbox, VR and that the game is build to be cross-platform. So no matter what devices your friends use you can play the game together with them.

Rolbox is a game platform, specially designed to be a child safe medium sharing the same success that Minecraft had.

But as many of you run into issues when trying to Login to Roblox or downloading and installing the game platform we have created a guide to help you through the process of downloading the game on any platform, creating an account ( Sign Up to Roblox) and playing the game.

roblox login
Roblox Login

Game Requirements

Apple iOS ( at least iOS 8 ) At least: iPad 2 iPhone 4s or iPod touch 5th Generation.
Android Devices at least: Android 4.4 with ARM v7
Xbox One Console
Amazon Fire OS – Kindle fire newer than 2014
– Stable internet Connection

Roblox Sign Up

You first need to sign up in order to play Roblox.
To do so you need to download the game from the official app stores of your device like :
Xbox One | Android | iOS | Kindle | VR | PC Windows | Apple Computer

Roblox Login

Roblox home page | Roblox Download | Login | Sign Up

Roblox Download – How to download Roblox on mobile ?

To download Roblox you need to head to the App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Xbox or the official website. Remember the game is cross-platform and can be played between friends even if you have different platforms. Android | iOS

Roblox Account – How do I sign up ( create a new account ) on mobile ?

First thing first. In order to be able to access the Roblox Platform you need to create an account. If you are wondering how can you do this using your mobile phone just follow the steps below :

Download the game on your device
Open the game
Sign Up
Fill in your username, password, birthday and optionally specify your gender
Enter your e-mail address
Hit sign Up ( occasionally you need to solve a capcha like showing the correct position of an upside down animal ). Use the arrows left right to place the animal standing on his legs not upside down.

The steps are identical for all platforms and the account is unique. You can use it to login on all platforms.

Roblox Sign up , create account, login

How to Login to Roblox on a mobile device ( iPad, iPhone, Android

If you already have a Roblox account, after downloading the Roblox app from the official app store you need to open the Roblox App, press the Login button and enter your details – Username And Password. There is also an option to Remember Me. Checking that box would prevent you from entering the password every time you open the game and you will also avoid having to reset your password to be able to login again to Roblox.

How to change my Roblox password

Let’s admit it. It happened to everyone! You forgot your Roblox Password and need to reset it. This is not a difficult task.

Head over to Forgot username / password page in Roblox. Enter your username and verify your email to confirm password change. You can also change the password when you suspect something by going in Roblox – Account Info and selecting – Change Password. ( You need to enter your old password to be able to change it )

How can I change my Roblox Username

Yes ! There is a way to change your roblox username. If you don’t want to show up as your name in Roblox you can change it any time.

Head to your Account and hit the Settings button. ( The gear icon in the upper corner or the three dots on mobile. )

Click Account Info > Change Username ( icon of pencil ). Enter your new username and your existing password.

You will have to press the “Buy” button.

change roblox username
change roblox username

How to get started with Roblox Studio

Roblox allows anyone to create games for their platform. In Roblox Studio you can create anything related to the Roblox Universe and launch it on all smarphones, desktops or consoles in one click. You can reach millions of players with your creations and earn a lot of money. Some of the top developers earn around 2 million dollars with in-game purchases. To download Roblox Studio head on the official Studio Roblox Page.

Can’t login to Roblox – known issues

I can’t remember my password.
Go to the Roblox website, Click the Login option and choose Forgot Password or username. Enter your email address and press sent ! You will receive an email that allows you to change your password to a new one.

How can I assign an email address to my account ?
If you did not enter your email when signing up to Roblox you can link one anytime. Just go to account settings in Roblox, add you email, confirm it and that’s it. Now in the case you lose your password you can easily restore it using your email address.

When trying to launch a Roblox game a windows dialog prompts me to select a program
This happens some time. Windows stops recognising Roblox games as made for Roblox. In order to launch the game, when the window prompts you just browse through your computer where Roblox is installed. Remember to check the “Remember my Choice” to avoid this to happen again.

My login works on PC but not on mobile
This usually happens if your mobile phone has a different date and hour set than the actual one. So check the date and hour on your mobile and restart your phone. If this still doesn’t work check your password or ask a friend to let you try and see if you can login on another phone. If it works then the issue is with your mobile phone and you might need to fix it or replace it.

Roblox Universe :
– In Roblox you can design your own games and worlds and cosmetics
– Games are created to look like Lego
– You can create your own character avatar and speak to other players in real time
– The game released in 2006 with around 50 million players world wide
– The game is cross-platform and is even compatible with VR
– Roblox is rated age 7 so it’s safe for kids. Even though there has been some backlash with adult content, Roblox developers make their best to keep the game safe for any children.

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