How to become a Coin Master VIP Member ? This is a question a lot of you asked and we created a guide with details on how to achieve the VIP Status depending on your country.

It is not very easy to become a VIP of Coin Master. The first step requires you to spend quite some real money inside the game and the amount differs from country to country.

Coin Master VIP

The only legit way to become VIP in Coin Master is to buy your VIP Status from Coin Master Official Website. The price varies from country to country ranging from 100$ to 5000$! If you are lucky enough you could get it for 100$.

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What is the a VIP Account in Coin Master ?
Is a type of account that brings you premium status and a lot of different perks making the game easier. It can give you free Coin Master Spins, Coin Master Pet Food and XP, Boom Levels and Rare cards. Beside that you get weekly spins & coins, you can join a VIP Group, take part in contests and win rewards.

Benefits in Coin Master

  1. Increased free Spins & Coins
    – You receive them weekly and progress faster in game
  2. Increased Event Price
    – You receive extra bonuses as a VIP during events
  3. Permanent username ID
    – One of the best benefits is that you get your own permanent ID. It will never reset
  4. Social Engagement
    – VIP Members are invited to VIP Groups sponsored by Coin Master with different contests and amazing rewards.

So as you can see, being a VIP has it’s perks !

How to get VIP ?

The VIP Coin Master can be bought only from Coin Master Officials. The price ranges from 100$ to 5000$ depending on the country you live in. So if you live in an eastern european country you can get it for around 100$ but UK or USA you could end up paying 5000$.

The issue is that Moonactive, the Coin Master developers have yet to announce an official guide to get the VIP and some people have paid money to scammers.
Coin Master have not mentioned anything about the VIP Feature of the VIP Player status and how to obtain it. People believe that spending real cash in Coin Master will automatically make them VIP but this has not happened.

People have petitioned online against Coin Master .