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Coin Master Blog – Coin Master is a mobile game where you can build your empire, discover new lands and grow powerful.

Developed by Playlab London and published by Outfit7 (of Talking Tom & Friends fame), it’s the latest craze to hit the play store with over 20 million installs in its first month (July 2017). It’s described as being a mix of Clash of Clans and Farmville, but I believe the comparison to be short-sighted – this is a lot more than just another clone of a popular genre.

Our empire lies on a distant island far from the mainland… When darkness comes, we must ensure that our castle stands tall for tomorrow brings great reward from battling evil! Are you ready to start your journey? We can be heroes if just for tonight.

Coin Master Blog
Coin Master Blog

Here at Coin Master Blog Guide, we aim to give you all the tools and information necessary to become a master – whether that’s building your empire or conquering enemies. We’ll help you find the quickest way to grow your coin haul with minimal wait times and provide guides on how much everything costs. How many monsters it takes to upgrade your castle, which hero is best suited for defense etc. And best of all – no ads.

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How to play ?

Just after its launch, Coin Master has gained hype among online gamers. It is an exciting game that uses strategy, luck, and many other factors to help you win gold coins and gems to build your kingdom bigger. The article below gives insights into how this game work!

The game’s story is straightforward; it takes place in a medieval world where you are expected to lead your tribesmen against various enemies. This game offers several types of quests. You are forced into completing these quests before moving further into the game. Each quest is assigned with specific points needed for unlocking or building something new in the village. Most importantly, spending these points is extremely important if you want your coin production to increase significantly. However, you must know that you don’t get all of these points on your own. But instead, they are divided through the whole village, which means that if one person collects them and spends them, everyone will benefit. That is why it is just as important to consider building a solid team as well!

Make sure not to neglect your army because each time you want to go on a quest or fight with some enemies, you have to pay a certain amount of gold coins according to the strength of your army. But here, the profit is small because, at times, there are no quests available, so you can only build up your coin production by completing different tasks around the village. However, think about something good for you and your fellow players because you can also benefit from completing some tasks together. For example, you can create a strong coalition with other game members, which will undoubtedly help throughout your time spent in the game!

Now comes the most crucial part of this article that is all about how to play Coin Master! This game requires an internet connection, and you are expected to log into your Facebook account before starting it. Here you have to build your village by spending coins and gems that you gain from different quests or just fighting random battles against players worldwide. You must know that there are several types of buildings available for use in this village, but only a specific number of them can be unlocked at a particular time, so choose wisely. But what makes this even more interesting is that you can unlock new buildings only through gems. Gemstones are a specific type of resource that is available in limited quantities, and it takes a lot of time to wait for them to become free, so you must know when to spend them carefully because if you miss the right time, then their prices will increase.

The next step involves building your army where you must know that your troops remain with you after every fight, so they get stronger over time, but here comes another important part because not just anyone can join this village, but instead there is a specific number of people who can be recruited. Each one requires different things, so you need to consider everything before joining or creating any coalition online. It would be best if you also focused on maintaining a positive energy level which is very important because it directly affects the whole performance of your tribe, so try to be as focused as you can and keep a lookout for your enemies because, after a certain amount of time, they will attack you again.

That being said, this doesn’t mean that you should forget about having fun with other players or just watching advertisements to get additional gems now and then, but don’t overdo things because if you do something too often, then it will become boring! Try to spend some time improving your Coin Master game by reading articles like this one so that you can get an idea of how best to use these strategies during gameplay. This is why we created this Coin Master Blog Post.

Who made Coin Master?

It’s something anyone with a mobile device has asked themselves at some point over the past few months.

The wildly popular mobile game “Coin Master” is an app that was first released on June 11th, 2018, by NantG Mobile. The game concept is relatively simple, create a theme park filled with attractions, set ticket prices to entice players into using them, and rake in the profits! Seems easy enough, right? Wrong.

Despite being an ad-supported free-to-play title, players have reported almost daily server issues where they are unable to load their progress or are forced to start over completely, which raises one central question.

What is a coin master free spin link?

In this game, you can earn coins by using your Facebook or just your account login. The coins you get from these links are free, they are not bought online, and there is no need for any verification to redeem them. It’s just a few seconds to work after clicking on the link, and without doing anything else, you will see your amount changing within few minutes itself! They do not require any surveys or offers either.

We hope you learned a lot with this Coin Master Blog. If you are looking for a spin link we update them everyday at the link below:

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