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If you are looking for Build a boat for treasure code we have the full list of codes updated in 2021.
Build a boat for treasure is a very popular Roblox where you build a ship and sail the seas looking for treasures.

To build your ship you need materials, gold that you can use in the store, and ice. This is why these free Build a Boat For Treasure Codes come to the rescue. With our latest codes you can redeem rewards that will get you special materials like ice, gold and blocks.

Build a boat for treasure codes and gear 2021
Build a boat for treasure codes and gear 2021

Build a boat treature codes 2021 ( January, February, March ):

  • Hi – five gold
  • Lurking Legend – free blocks
  • =D – five gold
  • =P – five gold
  • Be a big f00t print – free blocks
  • fuzzy friend? – free blocks
  • chillthrill709 was here – free blocks
  • Squid Army – 22 ice and 22 gold

Expired list:

  • Fireworks
  • 2M members
  • Hatched code
  • Happy Easter
  • 1B
  • voted code
  • Lurking Code

What are Build a Boat for Treasure

These codes are rewards offered by the game developers that are periodically offered to players to boost their boat building offering blocks, gold and ice. Check this site everyday.

Redeeming Build a boat for treasure code

To redeem these codes open the game, open the menu option, tap the settings cog symbol, scroll to your code box paste in your code and press send! Enjoy your reward.

Where to find more BABFT Codes

To find more BABFT codes in 2021 you can follow the developers on Twitter or the official Discord, but following this website is enough as we post them every month!

What is Build a Boat for Treasure

In this game you have to gather blocks and build boats. You can make it out of any materials and then press the Launch Button.


  • You don’t have to use all the blocks to create a good ship. If you use too many blocks can affect the boat.
  • Place stronger blocks in the middle and the beginning. Use weaker blocks as a defense.
  • Create a team with people to make a better ship.
  • Don’t make a boat very strong in one area because geysers and stone balls can turn it exposing weaker areas.
  • Build a roof over the chair to avoid dying from water or obstacles.
  • When you are in an isolation mode, other players won’t collide with your boat.
  • Use multiblock when possible for a better boat.

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